When Did A Gut Feeling Save Your Life? (r/AskReddit)

The people of Reddit reveal situations in which a bad feeling may have saved their life! Amazing stories!

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36 thoughts on “When Did A Gut Feeling Save Your Life? (r/AskReddit)

  1. It's the story of a gut feeling that that I ignored and I should have died from.

    So me and a bunch of buddies 4 total or in a car you're driving by my grandparents house which was a farm town but is a four-way intersection with no stop lights pitch black night probably 1 in the morning I was in the back right passenger seat and looking right been looking right when it happened because the right when I looked right I saw a semi truck plowed into my friends KIA the car went off the guide rail tumbled for about 50 yards and theneveryone else is unconscious but me because I was saying one who didn't hit my head. Once the emergency services game they thought everyone may be dead because of how bad the car look to the car was in peices probably the thing that would have saved all four of our lives was that guard really put in the doors around the frame of the car . Anyway by the time we got to the hospitalthe doctors thought I was dead because of how much blood was everywhere and my eyes are closed shut because of the girl next to me she went out of her shoulder and the blood went into my eyes which sealed them shut. the next major thing happened is when I heard what the police officer told my parents when they found out he said "I have to tell you for teens in a car crash all four should be dead but they're alive in the hospital" so I suffered from a broken thumb, shattered humerus and shoulder broken rips and cuts and gashes all over my body.

    For some reason the scars are barely noticeable?

  2. I recently moved away from a home where me and my wife both had kids(both of us worked something out to have kids since we obviously lack the matching parts). The house was big, a family friend had gifted it to us when we got married. The back yard went right up to a forest, I would always explore as a kid since I used to visit the family friend before moving in there. Now three months ago I decided to walk the few miles into the forest at night, to reach a little cabin I was fond of. Yes probably stupid to do so, but all things considered, I feel bad for anyone who would have tried to jump me. The cabin has a basement th at locks from within. The cabin also has a large fence surrounding it, about half a foot thick with a heavy gate that loc is with metal bars. The fence and gate are twelve feet high. Kinda weird, but it felt safe, even if the gate was a pain to use. About ten minutes of being there making a snack on the kitchen, I got the most creepy feeling and goosebumps. I had the feeling I should stay away from Windows and doors and turn the lights off. I would end up taking a lantern into the basement and slept there till morning. When I woke up and got out a couple windows were cracked and a spot in the fence was torn apart, or the bottom of a part was and had a hole dug through the ground. I left and came back the next day to find the door to the cabin smashed inwards against a wall and more of the fence literally ripped apart. I went back home and found parts of the fence and cabin dumped all over our back yard. Over our tall fence behind our house. The stuff chucked over here heavy. We moved out. As I was the last person there as I wanted to see the cabin again, I went back and it was so destroyed it was about to collapse, with since posts sticking out of the cabin. I got the feeling again and ran back to the house to find a four foot pile of rubble in the middle of the closed back yard. Some group of buff people or whatever that scared me. I haven't bothered to deal with it any more, but people have died near the cabin since I left. Crushed by logs or buried under lots of things and still crushed.

  3. My gut feeling is right 100% of the time. It has saved my life several times. It has warned me of vehicles that were seconds away from hitting me multiple times. Unfortunately, a lot of people are concerned by the fact that I listen to a feeling that they don't see or understand. A lot of mental health professionals ask questions such as 'What if you get a feeling telling you to kill someone?'

    I distinctly remember a situation where I didn't listen to it and I nearly died. My parents were trying to convince me to take medication again. My gut feeling was positively screaming at me to not take it, but my dad managed to convince me. The medication wound up making me severely suicidal and left me emotionally unstable for years after I was off it. It's one of the reasons I didn't graduate college. My gut feeling warns me that any medication would be bad for me. However, a lot of people keep on making up problems they claim I show off the medication and making up improvements they claim occur on it. I'm now on court mandated medication due to all of the made up information. I'm trying to get off of the court mandate, but the doctors keep on making up more and more misinformation to get the judges to rule against me. The medication has done a lot of damage and hasn't helped me in the slightest. Unsure how to handle it…

    Sorry for getting a bit off topic! ^^;

  4. One day my mom came and picked me up from school because I was feeling sick. It was a rainy day and we were both hungry so we decided to go and get some Chinese. Well, usually when I’m in the car I’ll just play on my phone or listen to music. That day I had a feeling that maybe I should just look out the window instead. I look up at the stop light we were just at and as we pass under it I make a mental note that it’s yellow. Maybe a minute later I look out the window as we round a corner just in time to see a truck ram into the side of my door. If I hadn’t been looking they could’ve said that they didn’t run red light and say that we were the ones that ran it. Another time my step-dad was in a convenient store and I went in to use the bathroom. I came out and had my step-dad’s keys to his truck. His truck wasn’t that far away so I don’t really pay much mind to walking by myself. As I was walking on the sidewalk back to the truck an overwhelming feeling consumed me. I started to panic and looked behind me to see an older man following me. I hadn’t seen him before. I pulled out my step-dad’s keys to let him know that I was going to a vehicle and that if he tried to grab me I would get away. If I had ignored that feeling who knows if he would’ve tried to take me or not. They may seem minor to you but they stick out in my mind. Please trust your gut feeling because your subconscious picks up on things that your conscious mind doesn’t.

  5. I was freediving in shallow water one time and my gut was all like: look at that rock’s hole and a big moray eel popped out
    My mind was blown cause I never saw a wild eel before and I heard about their reputation. The next day I went back there and there was this one fish which I think was a previous pet and would swim around your legs and was really cute I knew it was a herbivore but then my mom was walking along the shore and I looked at the ground cause why not and low and behold a seemingly poisonous fish was right there buried in the sand so I called out to mother about it and we just stared at it till it left

  6. Imma be honest, I cracked up when the first guy from the arcade one said, “I know him, we went to prison together!” He just said it super casually too, like it was totally normal!

  7. My mother, 2 brothers, and father were going to visit the twin towers the day of the attack.( I wasn't alive yet) my brothers were devastated and my mom felt bad because they were only in that part of NY for a week to visit my uncle. When they heard the news later my mom didnt feel bad anymore

  8. One Gut feeling I had That I won’t forget:

    So I always walk back to my house after school and I was always fine, My Neighborhood was always Nice. Most of the people Know me. Always a Place with Familiar Faces.

    So One Night, I was walking back and while I was walking, Headphones In, Listening To Music. I suddenly get this feeling That I should Run Right Now otherwise your dead. And as I Ran, I Immediately Shut The Door And Locked it. My heart was Racing. As I took off my coat, I immediately heard BANG BANG BANG!!! and I looked at My window To make sure it was Fireworks. It wasn’t, I ducked down near my window Cuz I immediately knew that It was someone Discharging their Gun near my Neighborhood, We had a Cul-De-sac So I can See Most of the houses, the shooting was very Scary.

    Later in the Night, I heard A Few Knocks at My door, It was One of the Police officers. On a Side note, I was really good friends with this officer, he knew me because I often wear some Red Glasses With me always and He knew what House I Lived in And I was very friendly with him, we occasionally go to a Bar to have a Few drinks sooner or Later. He walks in so here was the Chat we Had, Lets Call My Officer Friend Rawles:

    Rawles: Knocks on door

    Me: Officer Rawles! What you doing here?

    Rawles: oh Thank God! When I realized you were near this scene Of the Crime, I Immediately Floored it on My cruiser. I feared you may be injured/Even Wounded.

    Me: Yeah, I’m Okay. What Happened Out There? All I noticed were the gunshots being Fired.

    Rawles: Gang violence. That’s what I heard from my cruiser’s radio. I came in here to gather information from witnesses, And As a Friend of yours I wanna ask you if since you mentioned Noticing Gunshots Earlier, If you could take a Statement.

    Me: Sure thing, I’m guessing I have to go to Court to testify?

    Rawles: Yeah

    So I simply took a Statement and Testified the next day and that was It,

    TL:DR: 6th sense triggered, Dodged a Shooting. Testified the next day.

  9. My anxiety acts up on these stories. Even at high anxiety I have done crazy shit that when I think about later tears me up. Anyone else?

  10. That's the reason I'm going to get a dog/cat/feline(preferably a big one)because lots of animals have a strong sense of awareness especially when it comes to humans

  11. I wouldn't necessarily gut feeling saved my life, but it was odd…
    So I'm 16 I had stayed home to look after my 12 yr old sister and 8 yr old brother. Mom called earlier to tell me that a family friend would come by to drop a grill off, alright I thought so I waited in the living room (front door connected straight to living room).So he finally comes by I'd say he was around 40 or older first thing he does is go in for a full hug. Weird since I've seen him not interacted with him oh well he was being friendly. Trying to be friendly I gave him a side hug. So this is when things became uncomfortable for me 😐…he began asking me if I had a bf I said no he pauses and says well you're very beautiful I say thank you. Tells me if you have one I wont tell your dad I promise (his tone he spoke with was just…nah fam idek) Then he asks me for my age I say 16 he asks me when do I finish school I say 2 more years he just nods. I got a weird gut feeling when he asks me if I'm alone I say no at this point I wanna go back inside 😂. He ask me were to leave the grill I point in front of the porch. He then proceeded to walk towards our front door with me gives me a random hug. He leaves I go inside first thought it Wtf was that.

    Ngl most of my dad's friends are sketchy for example. One friend was checking out my neighbor's daughter while she played with her little brother in the pool. Reason why I stay away from my dad's "friends"

  12. I was going to school one day about to cross the cross walk and my body just like said STOP and a car zoomed by. It was so close I nearly lost my legs

  13. There was one point where the laundromat where I usually went was closed. I was in my teens at the time, so my mother was driving. After a little looking, we come across a laundromat some distance away from the old one, and even further away from our house. When we got there, I had a strong feeling of dread in my stomach, and told my mom that we needed to leave right away. I don't know what convinced her, I think I vaguely remember faking being sick to the point of nearly puking, but we eventually left and went elsewhere to do the laundry.

    Next day, she tells me about that very same laundromat being on the news because of a robbery that happened not long after we left.

  14. i once was sitting on the couch with my g-ma and i said "somebody is getting run over by a train" on the news the next morning two people got ran over it was on abc 11 eyewitness news


    I was out in the city with my girlfriend and we wanted to take the train home but as we came to the station she said “I don’t think we should take the train, idk just something feels off.” I thought nothing of it and we took the bus home. About 2 hours after I got home she texted me “IM SO GLAD WE DIDNT GET ON THE TRAIN, SOMEONE GOT STABBED ON THE TRAIN WE WERE GONNA GET ON” and then she sent me the link to the news article. I was SHOOK . If we didn’t take the train, my gf and I wouldn’t be alive.

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