When Bad Gut Instincts Turn Out To Be Right… (r/AskReddit)

Redditors share times their “something is very wrong here” gut feelings turned out to be true. Some pretty creepy stories here.
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The best responses and top posts from r/Askreddit – When did your “something is very wrong here” gut instinct turn out to be right?

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26 thoughts on “When Bad Gut Instincts Turn Out To Be Right… (r/AskReddit)

  1. Extra long video today because you really liked the last one with a similar theme 🙂 Have you ever had a bad gut feeling like this with a story? Let me know!

  2. Once I dreamed about one of my social studies teacher telling me his wife was really ill (she was my favorite teacher) and I was like well that's weird, that was a Friday, her birthday was October 9 and we were supposed to be back to school October 15 and then the 16 she died.

  3. When I was 11 or 12, I was heading in town (but I was a few meters meters in front my house), when a car stopped and a man half got out of the car and talked to me like he knew me, saying «Oh, hi darling ! How are you doing ? How are your parents doing !? » and pretending he was my uncle. now the thing is I have so many uncles that I only see a few times and never remember, so it often happened. But well this time I had a feeling this man was lying or hiding something. He then told me something very weird which was a big red flag : « Come, I’ll drive you back to your house » But as I said in the beginning, I was in front of my house so it didn’t make sense to drive me home if he actually knew my family and where we lived. the next thing I know he’s trying to forcefully pull me into his car and I started screaming and pushing, when the neighbors came he got scared, let me go and ran away. It still shocks me to know I almost got kidnapped as a kid, and right in front of my house at that.

  4. That pool story… My grandpa had a built-in pool when I was a kid. I spent a lot of time at his house before I was six and was absolutely mad for swimming (still am). One day, he woke up, came downstairs and found me floating face-down in the pool. He had no idea how long I'd been there, but did CPR and I seemed fine once he got me breathing. So no ER visit.

  5. Something happened when I was 11, there was a small grocery store in our neighborhood and I was often sent there by my mum to buy things like milk and eggs. One morning I went to buy something there, it was all empty then, there was just the cashier . He gave me some candy and made me sit in his lap, he had his hands on my shoulder and leg, when something in my mind clicked. I immediately got off and ran to my bicycle, took a big U-turn and went home, really fast. I never went there again, not without an adult like my mom or grandma. I don't even want to imagine what could have happened that day.

  6. I had this feeling from when I was a teenager. I knew of a guy who was unmerciful and lived a gang life. I noticed in church or at the mall certain women… I would get a bad gut feeling about them. I know a guy at my school who lifts weights and I got a bad gut feeling about him. I know these people are not to be messed with..but to be prayed for.

  7. I always felt uneasy being near to a dude that i often meet in meetings,and would stay a distance from him. Parents said he had sexual assault things going on from him.

  8. I live in a pretty bad hood do to my mom being poor and, the bills cost less. I was 12 at the time and my mom and sister was not going to be home till 12am at night. I was on my phone and noted that my charger was not working. So I tried a different one and when that didn't work somthing felt off. Our power box was in my mother's room down the hall the only way for the power not to work was for some one to turn it off. My body started to do this wired thing and before I knew it i was 5 blocks down climing a tree in a forest I have in my town. I called my mom and told her that somthing was wrong with the house she didn't believe me at first but, when she got a call from the person living next to us saying that there was a fire and wanted to make see if I was out or not she came home. The cops still don't know. what started the fier but the they still think I started it.

  9. So,a few days ago I was going to my English class.on my way i saw a guy talking on the phone and no one was around us.suddenly , i felt like some thing's wrong with him. So i got ready to protect myself (i do karate). As i was going i felt like the guy is after me , i made sure i was right. He was getting closer and closer to me and i felt like he's stealing something from my bag so i turned around and i saw him so close to me and his f*cking d*ck was in his hands. I just pushed him a little and kept walking faster. Same kind of bullshit has happend to me 4 times now (not exatly like this) and I'm just 15.

  10. Ok so the thing that bothers me most about this is that one about how the friend asked them to go into the woods. And they where there friend so its like…can you trust your friends even? Like damn.

  11. One of my teachers’ children was around 2 and her mom was meant to be watching him and she had a bad feeling when she was napping and went to check on her kid to find her mom was asleep and her kid was face down in the pool like in one the stories. He’s completely fine today though!

  12. ok sooo went to the doctors friday and was just told it’s my allergies and asthma got some steroids for it. it’s tuesday and the steroids and my inhaler aren’t working. I thinks it could be bronchitis😶

  13. Fun topic! When I was younger we had moved states, and were meeting the neighbors! I had that feeling, but it is difficult to explain, because at the time, I had a certain type of seizures, which can compare to the panic attacks I have now. I told my sister, something is wrong, because it only came about me when that man came outside. About 6 months later, he had sexually assaulted several young people! Turns out that feeling similar to a seizure is my warning system!

  14. I once went into the ER for nausea/vomiting, which is common for me since I have a chronic illness that makes it hard for my body to stay hydrated normally, and the worse I get the more I get sick which compounds the problem.

    This time, though, was different. My extremities were going numb and my heart felt like it was racing, the combination sort of making me feel distant. Ended up getting to the ER, where about fifteen minutes I went into sustained v-tach and needed to be shocked out of it so I didn't die. Not sure what would have happened if I hadn't gone in that day, but it probably wouldn't have been good.

  15. My dad dated a woman with two sons. I hated the older son from the moment I met him. I got a really bad feeling about him and made my dislike of him known. Didn't actually know why till I found out from my sister's friend that the perv was molesting my sister. I threatened to castrate him with a rusty knife. And he got arrested.

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