VLOG: London with River & Cotswolds Mini Trip! | Fleur De Force (ad)

Day trip to London with my little one, and a mini trip to the Cotswolds with Dyson! This video is sponsored by HELLO FRESH. EXPAND this little box for more info, links etc xo

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This video is sponsored by Hello Fresh. Some links are affiliate links and the trip with Dyson was a gifted/press trip.

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22 thoughts on “VLOG: London with River & Cotswolds Mini Trip! | Fleur De Force (ad)

  1. I'm not even a parent but I do some work in schools/nurseries and my immune system is normally pretty strong, but being in contact with kids can make you ill so much more often! Please never apologise for being ill, sometimes it's your body's way of making you take some time to yourself to get better. Please don't feel judged or let anyone make you feel badly for that! <3

  2. A nice vlog, you are very educated on all the products you wear. My ears too get very sore from piercing too. Joan Bates

  3. I wish people would stop saying they look rubbish just because they have no make up on. You don't need make up to look beautiful.

  4. I have a toddler too, and I’m always ill! They pick up so many germs! Much love to you Mama ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Oh yeah I defo think your reasons are why you're getting sick. It's possible that it's also because you work from home so are exposed to almost no people and bugs, and now you're getting alot of exposure via river's nursery. Lots of office workers will be exposed to thousands of people on their commute and another hundred all day at work…

  6. I bursted out laughing when you showed the recording studio room and then just the little blow dryer in the center. Freaking cute but hilarious!

  7. when babies are at nursery too PICK UP EVERY werid mutant bug. They tell you it strengthens thier immunity, they lied. IT does get better though xxx

  8. My hairdresser has the Dyson hairdryers and they are terrible they overheat after a few minutes and switch off. they can’t cope with the tiniest bit of dust that gets in them. You have to clean the filter constantly

  9. Fleur I completely agree with you about having a toddler and being run down. You literally catch everything they get and there’s not much you can do about it unfortunately. Hopefully it improves soon! Nursery and school are breeding grounds for germs 🦠. 🖤💗

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