Trump impeachment inquiry is bad news for Joe Biden, academic says | Squawk Box Europe

Peter Trubowitz, department head of international relations and director of the U.S. center at the LSE, discusses the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.


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24 thoughts on “Trump impeachment inquiry is bad news for Joe Biden, academic says | Squawk Box Europe

  1. IF the US House of Representatives (Democrat Majority) votes for Articles of Impeachment for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING since he didn’t break any laws, the vote will then go to Senate (Republican Majority) where the articles will be DOA…so we’re told. So, this Impeachment Inquiry isn’t bad news for Trump, but it is devastating for Joe Biden. I tell you now, the majority of Americans DO NOT WANT thenPresent to be impeached….. so with Congressional primaries & relectjoms coming up in 2020, a vote for impeachment will result in a vote against most democrats & another vote for Trump. Dems are still pissed off that Killary lost the 2016 election. They have come to hate Trump more than they love their constituents & their country.

  2. I'm going to call it right now. This is the nail in the coffin for Biden's campaign. Warren will be running against Trump in 2020 and she'll lose bc of what the Dems have done by repeatedly bullying Trump since 2016

  3. Lying media. Get away with nothing but doing his job. Time to investigate Biden $1.5 billion kickback and $80,000 per month not covered by fake news.

  4. Well the transcripts of the phone conversation just released and you 2 talking buffoons look like idiots. On your next show each of you put on your clown costumes and big red noses and talk politics.

  5. they already have the info on biden and obama and the clintons and podestas and tom styre.. after the election and trump wins will come the pain for them all.. Everybody knows it

  6. Nancy Pelosi has thrown a bucket of s#!t at Trump, and a fair bit wil splash over Biden. Question us, if she meant this to happen, was this the best way of achieving her goals?

  7. Its not that it will spur trumps numbers even higher, liberal voters far outnumber conservatuve voters. What this will do is it will have the effect of disillusioning the more progressive dem base to stay away from the polls once bidens dirty dealings start coming to light.

  8. TRUMP 2020. Trump exposing Biden and his son's corruption. No sign of FBI nor the fake news media trying to investigate it. So someone has to!

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  10. Get away with what? He asked the Ukraine to look into Hunter Biden's case where Biden leveraged his power as VP to stop his son from being invested, so what's the problem? If Hunter is supposedly innocent, why would it matter? Unless… he's guilty. See what they did there? They media made you focus on a simple inquiry into something shady in the Biden camp.

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