TMNT 2003 Gamecube Playthrough 01

Awesome game from back in the day! Splinter has been separated from us! Let’s go get ‘em!


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46 thoughts on “TMNT 2003 Gamecube Playthrough 01

  1. I use to always rent this game from Blockbuster,when I was a kid.I had the Original Xbox console and I loved to play as Leonardo.

  2. It was all about the Area 2 music for me.

    This was actually a really good TMNT game, I remember this reinvigorate my interest in the franchise again because up to this point is was killed by terrible cartoon iterations.

    Really enjoyed this game.

  3. This game was my childhood. I can't find a single thing wrong with this game. And the music, oh my lord was it amazing.

  4. I played this all the time! I was only 7 but man… the memories all came back watching this 😭I’m gonna buy a PS2 just to finally beat it lol

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