The Windows XP era (2002-2006) Gaming Rig Part 4: Software & Demo

Here is Part 4, the final part of this series! In this video, I have the machine up and running and I show you alll the software on it, and some gameplay. I play Need for Speed Underground, Need for Speed Underground 2 and Grand theft Auto: San Andreas. Anyways, I don’t care if you enjoy or not.


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38 thoughts on “The Windows XP era (2002-2006) Gaming Rig Part 4: Software & Demo

  1. I have no idea why i'm back here now watching this again, but that is a fantastic game, actually. You would probably like it. And it would run great on this machine.

  2. Neat system. It's quite comparable to my mom's desktop system, aside from the fact that her pc has a dualcore 2ghz chip, and 2gb of ddr (dual channel even woohoo)

  3. im gonna try playing some modern games like bf3 and nfs on an old pentium 4 3.2 ghz with hyperthreading and 2.5 gigs of ram just for fun and to see if it will actually play.i hope the game atleast boots up.

  4. first time i played gta sa specs were 1.4ghz p4 geforce 2 yes i know a geforce 200 mx it was a early 2001 gateway now it has a 128mb radeon and a 2.0 ghz p4

  5. He's still studying. He's ~12-13 years old i.e. he's still a fanboy type guy and immature. He's from West Bengal, and even though he studies English Medium, he definitely does NOT pay attention in English class.

  6. Don't know why you installed Microsoft Live, its going to be obsolete in 2013. Microsoft bought out Skype and they are going to make everyone switch to that.

  7. You have to remember, that without Windows 2000, there IS no XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
    Peoples would be stuck with NT4, 98 and ME for their entire life.

  8. Windws 7 does not suck.
    But I have had no good times with XP.
    But use whatever you want. Make it an SA:MP server fr all I care.

  9. Just makes people rage when they say that, they're too retarded to even recognize whats good and bad!! Simple – Windows 7 and XP are the best OS's Microsoft has made! Possibly Windows 8 but it hasn't been out long enough. But 7 and XP are the best they've made and they have to admit it and deal with it!!

  10. I f**king hate all these noobs commenting about Windows 7, XP, Vista and 8. They should keep their opinions to their self and use what they want. They can't tell us what to use or what to do. Windows XP ESPECIALLY gets hatred….but they all don't f**king recognize that its one of the BEST OS's that Microsoft has made!! UGH.

  11. Ah man, that sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. Though, they are pretty lenient with poor vision here in Australia – I only have 30% vision in one eye and that wasn't an issue for them. They might let you if you have prescription glasses just for driving, I dunno.

  12. Nice gameplay. You're not bad at these games lol. And I guess I was wrong, the 6200 seems to handle them pretty well. I don't know why it handles NFS better than GTA, NFS has better graphics.

    You should grab GTA IV for your PS3 if you like San Andreas. It's a really fun game, has awesome online and single player, and is only like $15 or $20 nowadays.

  13. According to Wikipedia, the Northwood was available up to 3.4. It was also said that the early releases would have a tendency to die if overclocked.

  14. Very rare chip. I've never seen a Northwood go that fast… Usually they come in 2.4 or 2.6 models, NEVER seen a 3.2 Northwood.

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