The Most Realistic Swat Based Tactical FPS!? | Swat 4 Remake | Arma 3 Swat Overhaul





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Today we take a look at converting Arma 3 into Swat 5 and Ready Or Not! This is pure tactical and realistic Swat gameplay.

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32 thoughts on “The Most Realistic Swat Based Tactical FPS!? | Swat 4 Remake | Arma 3 Swat Overhaul

  1. Thanks for playing my Arma 3 mission! maybe try to get 100 score in the mission?
    Another tip is to check the training area were I made a scripted training showing all the features.
    I recommended to use my mod list for the mission I made in the mission page description, ACE is not recommend though because it may cause bugs in the mission.
    If you allow me, here is the link of the mission if anyone wants to play:
    I'm also on the RON hype train!

  2. What made SWAT 4 so replayable and intense was the A.I. You never knew if the suspect was going to pull a hidden gun out of their waistband, pretend to surrender then try and kill you once you had your backed turned, run off and tell their buddies you’re coming, simply give up, etc etc.
    If games like Ready Or Not or mods like this don’t have that awesome A.I. unknown element, they are just shooters that fail at what they are trying to emulate.

  3. Awesome idea to recreate the SWAT Setting – great vid! What mods did you use in Arma? Another great thing to check out is the LSPD First Response mod for GTA V if enjoy some Police-gameplay.

  4. Video was great the only thing I didn't like was that when they dudes gave up the other one doesn't try kill them like they would in real life.. sometimes
    Edit and the doors when you breach them

  5. Going to reply to comments in the morning guys, I know I normally reply straight away after an upload but it’s 2 am so gotta get that beauty sleep.

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