The Decline of Autozone Duralast Ratchets, 90t 1/2″ Square Handle Ratchet Review

This is a review of the 90 tooth Square handle ratchet and comparing it to the older 72 tooth and the original 36 tooth and there is an are obvious and marked decline in quality between each generation. They’ve just release some 100 tooth ratchet so we’ll see how those turn out.


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24 thoughts on “The Decline of Autozone Duralast Ratchets, 90t 1/2″ Square Handle Ratchet Review

  1. My first gen flex head 3/8 ratchet is my favorite ratchet. Although the 72t predecessor kept locking up. I have this ratchet and find in the 3 years I have had it, it has never slipped, locked up, broke apart or stripped out. I am a heavy duty bus mechanic and can tell you these ratchets are every bit as good as a truck ratchet. Your review is skewed by personal preference. We get you dont like the handle. But the ratchet side is good.

  2. The Duralast Squared off handle ratchet is Ugly!!!! That’s probably one of the reasons it didn’t sell well.
    If I had that ratchet, but I’d not let anyone see me use it.

    I do like strong ratchets. However, I do like them to look at least reasonably good. But I don’t expect them to be fashion pieces.

  3. I call duralast…..i duracrap…..i rarely buy anything from autozone amymore …..after putting in duralast parts that failed way to soon after installation such as alternators and batteries…thier are hardline such as suspension parts and such is junk. I rather use advance auto

  4. That is a horrible design. You are right those teeth on the pawls and gear will shear off way too easily. Handle looks cheap too it is just not up to par at all. Nice video.

  5. You know that you're in trouble when you have to fix the tool before you can fix something with it.
    "Hundreds of foot-lbs. of torque…" Maybe if you used a cheater bar (a misuse) or a hammer on it (another misuse). Otherwise, you must have amazingly powerful arms. We salute you.

  6. Nice Job Catus ! Don't like the look of that Ratchet Either . Duralast used to be Real Good . I hope They're Not Changing . I Have Some Nice Sockets Of Thiers I Bought As Needed . Not Sure I have A Ratchet Though from Them.

  7. This new thing looks like a poor attempt to compete with the WRIGHT TOOL contour grip, but that's just something that's not going to happen.

  8. I’ve found that there isn’t much difference in the surface area of tooth engagement on fine tooth vs coarse tooth ratchets. On a coarse tooth ratchet, you do have bigger teeth, but less of them engaged at one time. Fine tooth ratchets have smaller teeth, but there are more teeth in contact with the gear and the pawls.

    However those teeth do look to be a bit small for hat size ratchet. 🤨

  9. Great video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this. I never really gave Duralast much thought, but had seen some reviews on them of people liking them. I still have never bought a Duralast tool, but it is good to have a better idea of knowing their products may be declining. Thanks again for posting this video and cheers.

  10. I don't care for the handle either. I also think it is similar to the new Craftsman. On a side note, I heard a radio ad last night. Apparently NAPA is going to start selling Craftsman as well. I certainly hope they are not replacing Carlyle with Craftsman. That would be a big step backwards.

  11. i have many metal handles ratches but since the addition of softer plastic handles by its differenr manufacturers, these ratches stay in the drawers w/ little use or none usage at all 😁🤠

  12. That just looks cheap. I’m not a fan of those square handles either. The only Duralast ratchet I own is the 3/8” drive in a 1/4” sized ratchet 73-868. It is a great little ratchet but my biggest concern is that it’s not rebuildable and I think it’s discontinued.

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