SWAT GAMEPLAY RELEASED! Ready or Not footage! SWAT 5 spiritual successor. (Ft. Bluedrake42.)

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Thanks so much for watching everyone, and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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45 thoughts on “SWAT GAMEPLAY RELEASED! Ready or Not footage! SWAT 5 spiritual successor. (Ft. Bluedrake42.)

  1. Ever since Swat 3 and 4.
    It's something like this I want. A realistic
    Swat-sieging Video game where bullets actually damage you if they were to
    damage you in real life. I played swat 4 and tried to go guns blazing one time.
    Got one-shot so fast. This isn't a joke. The Tactics and development
    went into these games are phenomenal, they don't make games like these anymore.

  2. Rainbow Six Siege is no longer about Tactical Realism and a heavy emphasis on realism here. However the earlier Rainbow Six Series games before Vegas series. Were really about Tactical Realism. SWAT and Rainbow Six used to compete back in the day. And Rainbow was good up to a point SWAT series just kind of died off with SWAT 4? Not sure haven't kept track of the SWAT series at all. Rainbow Six was always around but it was mediocore when Vegas came out it was no longer like the previous releases. Siege has nothing to do with the old Rainbow Six games its totally different. Unless Ubisoft really develops a Campaign for each Defenders and Attackers respectively that can be COOP or with AI's. AI squad mates that reinforces walls and places gadgets on your command, in this scenario it would be really helpful to bring back the preplanning screen to give AI's pre placed orders to reinforce that wall here and there and place barbed wire and other gadgets in certain locations. And to select what Operators should be on Roam or Anchoring. Also when playing you can give all the roamers on the map a call back function to site and so on.

  3. To make people willing to be handcuffed they could get less of a setback if they do get handcuff and a much bigger setback if they are killed

  4. if you seach realism VIA GRAPHIC YOU ARE A GAMMER KIDDO !!!

  5. i am glad you gamer kiddies losers never get acces to VBS 2 SIMULATOR !!! u better go with this clowns hollywood trailer crap GAME

  6. I really hope the character speed is gonna be somewhat similar to swat4. Hate the pace of new games. "tactical shooter" aka ash rush. lmao tons of fun

  7. I'm hoping for the mirror like in SWAT 4 with added mechanics, including the original ones, and possibly more customization options.

  8. I will have to get this! Finishing SWAT 4 was scary and exhilarating at the same time. My hat, shirt, pants, shoes, socks, etc. go off to people who do this type of work in real life man. It's intense.

  9. Don’t get me wrong with this I like rbow, but it is about killing people with a tactical vibe, but with ready or not or swat it is about defusing a situation by being a 👮 cop

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