SWAT 4 – Part 5 – Night Club Gang War

Join Officer FirstThirtyMinutes as he enlists with the Fairview SWAT team. In SWAT 4, the player leads a SWAT tactical element in resolving various situations, such as hostage standoffs or apprehensions of dangerous subjects.

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25 thoughts on “SWAT 4 – Part 5 – Night Club Gang War

  1. you need to just stop playing this game cause you suck at it honestly man you're one of my favorite subscribers but I'm telling you the truth you have zero skills in police tactics and you are very reckless every time you enter into a room and you're being too scared when you enter into a room

  2. It was so stressful to watch at the start of the mission in that hallway with the stairs u were worried about. You kept saying that there was a dead suspect in the corner even though he was groaning and screaming and his mouth was moving

  3. For those new here, he has a better playthrough with the Elite Force mod.
    Links: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2JwFrVun-kqhb8x4GzE51Sou98Pg0xme

  4. thanks for bringing back memories, I remember being so scared when playing this, i just hated the Night Club level since there are so many open spaces and opened doors. Usually using my whole team to fall in & clear, however not always it did the trick. Anyway it was one of the best FPS games i have ever played 🙂 cheers

  5. I appreciate that you did your HW and tried to improve your game. I'm sure the aggro comments provided much negative reinforcement. 😛

  6. You left that dude alone in the hallway with a gun next to him… well done officer. In real life you all would have died

  7. I DEFINITELY see an improvement over your previous gameplay videos!!! I don't know that you have to do "move to" and then "cover" in order to get the guys to cover a certain spot.. You can probably just point (look at the spot) and use the "cover" command, all by it's self, just like when you do the "use gas" command and have them throw it through a door.. Also, when a bad guy surrenders and drops his weapon, as long as you pick it up right away- they would be harmless and then you can zip-tie them whenever.. Also, i would try keeping out a non-lethal weapon instead of walking around with a lethal one. Then you can just shoot all the bad guys with a shotgun loaded with beanbags (or something else) and you'd get to cuff them all and get a higher score. I am curious though, what other "rounds" can you put in the taser? Because it looked like you could use different kinds in it, but i can't imagine any other kinds of stuff a taser would use other than just the typical pronged projectiles..

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