Swat 4 | Gameplay – Part 1

Part 1 – Mission: Children of Taronne Tenement

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24 thoughts on “Swat 4 | Gameplay – Part 1

  1. Quick tips about the game:
    **I recommend using Pepper gun (for suspects with no armor)
    and less lethal shotgun (for armor wearing suspects).
    **I always use Tazer pistol gun, for close combat or for suspects/civillians who refuse to put their hands up.
    **Tactical aids: always carry atleast 2 flashbangs (for quick room cleaning) , 2 gas (for hostage situations/multiply suspects) , and one Optimazer (for checking under doors which is very usefull).
    **Quick tip about the A.I,  – for close combat in doors areas equip them with peper guns/shotguns/9mmSMG's.
    For ranged combat out-doors areas, equip you/them with less lethal shotgun(you) or Assault Rifle(you) , GB36 AR is usefull for the officers .
    **Wedges: Never carry wedges on your character because officers can do it for you.
    Always equip atleast 1-2 wedges for one officer(red team) and one officer (blue team).
    **FMJ/JHP bullets: Simple – If suspects are wearing armor use FMJ. if they wear no armor, use JHP.

  2. Este video esta re pero re mas a ta me estoy a soprendiendo por q en esre video se puede arestar y todo q bueno felisitasiones a el o mejor dicho a cien iso este video

  3. fyi here are all four parts in one playlist:


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