Street Fighter 5 mods Micheal Jackson Smooth President

Micheal Jackson Smooth President. this mod replaces G’s model and voice.

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35 thoughts on “Street Fighter 5 mods Micheal Jackson Smooth President

  1. I wonder why there isn't a character like Michael Jackson? It's so perfect. And Guilty Gear had a Character that looks just like Axel Rose. His name was even Axel. So why not make an official Character like MJ? Hint, hint to any game creators out there.

  2. If any mods out there?
    Please make Senator Armstrong mod as G it will fit him
    also replace Light it up with Don't f**k with this senator

  3. Curious to know if you can put me in the right direction. I am trying to extract the character models for season 4.

  4. Capcom are u Okay ru Okay ..are Okay OKay..youve been hit by ..hit by..Pepsi the choice for a New Generation.

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