Smudge Oil Painting for beginners ( Photoshop cs6 )


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34 thoughts on “Smudge Oil Painting for beginners ( Photoshop cs6 )

  1. Более непрофессионального и ТУПОГО способа обработки я в жизни не видел !!!!!!

  2. Это ужасно. Мыльная халтура, вам должно быть стыдно за такой "рисунок".

  3. this is cool. what makes it awesome is that photoshop no longer offers oil painting on the computer that i am using. So this is the next best thing and the closest that i can get to it. This will have to work for now. If i had oil painting believe me, i would learn to do it just as well. But until then, i will become the master of this new manipulation technique thank you.

  4. Hello, thank you SO much for this tutorial, you have the ability to create VERY beautiful pictures using the simplest techniques, which is amazing!

  5. Music sucks during a Tutorial. please give verbal instructions the next time. If you can't get, someone else who can do it for you.

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