Sleeping Dogs 100% (11) – Popstar Lead 3

– Popstar Lead 3
Another drug bust must be completed. Get in to the “chicken van”. You use this to tail Popstar to the deal. Tailing him is pretty simple, just drive carefully. Spy on him and take a picture of the deal from cover. Take a second picture when the supplier reveals the drugs. Follow Popstar to the docks. Fast talk the guard and get up to a nearby roof. Popstar shoots the supplier; you must photograph this. Call Teng and head back to the Undercover HQ. The police try and apprehend you, so you must escape them first.


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9 thoughts on “Sleeping Dogs 100% (11) – Popstar Lead 3

  1. I need help, im playing the ps4 version and the damn thing must be bugged or something because I cannot take any pictures AT ALL no matter how many times I press the R2 trigger. Barely bought the damn thing yesterday too.

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