Singaporean Guy made Japanese girl addicted to “Melt in Mouth BBQ Pork” in Singapore


My name is iChang.
I live in Hong Kong.
I am from Japan.



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30 thoughts on “Singaporean Guy made Japanese girl addicted to “Melt in Mouth BBQ Pork” in Singapore

  1. Try this next time when you are in Malaysia

  2. Yes hawker center is the place to get good food and savor the local atmosphere
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  3. Hahaha
    You have new addiction! This looks very good. Nice sheen n chunky. Do let us know if you are coming to KL again and we make a list of this kinda char siu for you to try. Melt in mouth n caramelized perfectly. You can easily spend a day testing out all the famous stalls. New notebook needed to jot down all the differences. Sweetness, softness, difference in sauces etc. you can document them 🤣

  4. I'm sorry iChang is seeing a lot of rivalry comments here. It's sad but the history of Singapore and Malaysia will always be interwined with one another and there will always be people loggerheads at each other about every single thing. Please continue to enjoy your stay in Singapore and enjoy as much food as you can because you eating puts a smile on my face!

  5. あなた方!



  6. What Singapore have, Malaysia have. What Malaysia have, singapore dont have. Alot of singaporean go to eat seafood at Restaurant Todak, Johor. Two to three times cheaper.😂

  7. Ya and probably some malaysians will say the pork came from Malaysia. Yes yes yes, ya ya ya ~ and the sources too. Most probably the chief. Yes yes yea yea yaya

    Thank me for saving your breath.

  8. OmG I saw the picture I thought the guy is you hahahahahaha!!why you even show you in the video??+1

  9. Guys, all the friendly SG vs MY rivalries aside. Check out how many vids Jimmy posted on a single trip to SG. And how many vids he posted on their latest KL trip. SG wins. Thanks to the friendly dude who took time out of his busy schedule to bring iChang and Jimmy around the best eateries that SG has to offer!! Kudos to you, my friend (what's your name?).

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