Short nails with ombre nail art

In this video, I will manicure short nails using gel polish. Today, I want to make an ombre nail design and a simple pattern with gel paint.
At first, I prepare the nails. I use a buffer to remove any shine from the natural nail. I apply Bond and Primer. I prefer to apply Primer only onto the nail tips. I think that it is enough.
Let’s start with covering the nail with Base Coat. Apply the first layer and cure in a LED lamp for 30 seconds.
I apply color gel polish. I cover the ring finger nail with white gel polish.
Cure in a LED lamp for 30 seconds.
I apply the second layer of gel polish. I cover one-third of the nail on the ring finger with white gel polish. Then, I even gel polish with a thin brush. I leave a small gap and cover the rest of the nail with a darker color.
Now, I take an ombre brush. Moisturize it a bit with alcohol or degreaser. Straighten the brush pile. Draw one color over another with light motions. You should wipe the brush with a napkin from time to time.
Cure in a LED lamp for 30 seconds.
I repeat it once again. I apply the gel polishes one more time. At first, I draw the darker color over white and then, white over the darker one.
Cure in a LED lamp for 30 seconds.
Apply the Top Coat and cure in a LED lamp for 30 seconds.
Remove the sticky layer with alcohol.
Now, I take the brush №0, a drop of black gel paint and Top Coat. I saturate the brush with Top Coat and wipe it with a napkin to create a precise shape. I take a small amount of paint with the brush. The brush should remain thin. I’m going to paint a flower. I hope, it will look like a four-leaf clover.
Cure in a LED lamp for 30 seconds.
I take a drop of base coat. Apply rhinestones and use the LED lamp to fix them. Fix rhinestones carefully on the sides with a thin brush and Top Coat and cure in the LED lamp once again.
Thanks for watching this video. See you next time.


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