Samsung Notebook 9 Pro review: Good at almost everything, including light gaming

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is aiming for the middle, in a good way. Compared to other models we’ve tested recently that offer a high-resolution touchscreen display, a 360-degree hinge, a cool metal chassis, and even pen support, it’s carefully designed to offer a little bit of everything, with a few standout features: a discrete Radeon RX 540 GPU, an integrated S-Pen with special Samsung applications as well as Windows 10 inking compatibility, and impressively long battery life. In this video we cover all of those things and more!

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35 thoughts on “Samsung Notebook 9 Pro review: Good at almost everything, including light gaming

  1. Thank you for such a great review! I've been trying to get one of the notebooks for 2 weeks now but everytime I add one to the cart for a good deal they are out of stock on and other places. I'm not sure why people keep giving bad comments about the screen flashing. It is simply caused by the camera. Have you ever took a picture of your TV or phone? It does the same exact thing. Anyways, thank you for a great video. I think I am sold on the notebook 9 pro!

  2. Half-assed product. You would think with how successful their phones are, they could pull the same thing off with laptops. And in my opinion, laptops are much easier to be successful with than phones. Phones you need a unique selling proposition every single year while laptop design and functionality moves at a much slower pace. Step up your laptop game, Samsung. I am disappointed :d

    Things to make Samsung laptops sell like hotcakes:

    Average Consumer Desire Build:

    -Apple-type build quality and an attractive design

    -Better keyboard (more like a thinkpad)/trackpad (Current one is fine, but Apple has the best at the moment)

    -Better screen (slimmer bezels, 4k option/ 3:2 option/144hz option–all with 100% adobe/srgb etc)

    –Offering an oled laptop screen would do very well

    -Charging plug similar to Apple's old "magsafe"

    -2 thunderbolt ports

    -2 usb 3 ports

    -fingerprint scanner power button

    -sd card reader

    -power led notification

    -Offer better gpu configurations

    Gaming Build:

    Offer good lower priced gaming variants ($750-$2000); Must be competitvely priced with only $200-$300 markup over cheaper competition to attract mass market appeal

    -thicker build, but still sturdy with a classic look (similar to a cheaper thinkpad design and build)

    -2 thunderbolt ports

    -Better keyboard (more like a thinkpad)/trackpad (Current one is fine, but Apple has the best at the moment)

    -Better screen (slimmer bezels, 4k option/144hz option–with good color accuracy)

    -Magsafe design for charge plug

    -2 usb 3.0

    -fingerprint scanner power button

    If I was in charge, these things would be my time priority with a laptop. If you do it right, it would be the most successful windows laptop, period.

    Cmon, just do it.

  3. anybody own one of these? Mine randomly wont turn on. Just was using it 30 minutes ago. Brought it to campus with a full charge now it wont turn on or hard reboot. no ligths. all i have is a red flashing light

  4. i feel like this would be such a catch if it was about 1-200 dollars less – it seems as if it’s not good enough to fit in with the other 2 – in – 1 laptops in this price range (which by the way is $900-1,100)

  5. Would you say this 2-in-1 can handle CAD/Design work? Is this recommended?

    Any feedback is appreciated. Looking for a laptop atm as to why I'm asking. Thanks.

  6. Are the newest models with the i7 8550u any better, or worse with the battery life? Can anyone point in the right direction for a legit review on this question?

  7. Definitely will buy it if it comes with at least one Thunderbolt 3 full speed 4 -PCIe lanes port support eGPU , upgradable RAM (32GB post RTS) & upgradable wifi Bluetooth module. Indeed, if there is a removable battery. It will be a great advantage. thks for review.

  8. Why dislike? You should tell to viewers true about harmful effect on human eyes because of PWM Flickering issue with this expensive laptop. Instead that you blame on camera

  9. while we will never see the screen refresh "flicker" in the real world – you should have cameras that should not see it either. But other than the visuals – nice review. And I like it.

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