Review On Criticism in the Art Community – How to Give a Art Critique – ft Kun0 & DreamNekoTV Drama

References, Advice & Tips on How to Give a Good Art Critique.

Kun0 Drama (MintUnicorn) –

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Review On Criticism in the Art Community – How to Give a Art Critique – ft. Kun0 Drama, D’Angelo Wallace, DreamNekoTV & Solar Sands

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41 thoughts on “Review On Criticism in the Art Community – How to Give a Art Critique – ft Kun0 & DreamNekoTV Drama

  1. I can't believe I haven't seen this until now, it was pretty entertaining. I appreciate being used as an example of a "good" critique, I remember a time a few years ago when I was like the third party (Kun0) in this video (maybe not to that much of an extent) and did not really understand the point of an art critique or how it should be formed. I obviously regret how I started out in my early years which is why I have taken only volunteers for the past two years and have tried to make a fair but straight to the point critique for each artwork. There is a large discussion that can be made for the nature of criticism, what is and is not helpful, how it should be organized, and how art should be approached which I'm glad you touched on that here.

  2. You should see nekos reaction to the "critique" she was crying it was very sad I critique but I am very strict on it but later give them a piece of complement Sandwich but they end up getting mad cause I'm being to honest same with my friend I critiqued her work and she got mad cause I was to honest and later gave her the compliment all at the same time she really didnt like it

  3. do you use d'angallo wallaces upload schedule as a method to know if something is relevant or not?…you do know he doesn't make art centered videos anymore, right?

  4. Speaking of critique, I don't feel like I'm qualified to say this, but I think the drawing would have looked a little more appealing if the horns were pointed at the ends or at least tapered off a little more. But I really do love this piece and it is above my skill level so I guess my comment isn't valid. 😛

  5. "WhAt Is THaT? WhAt ArE tHoSe?"

    Well.. I guess that just made me accidentally press the subscribe button.. And accidentally like video… Accidentally

  6. Saying this as a person with an art degree… and has been in the industry for a little bit +.+'

    The issue with the art commentary community:

    1) Lack of understanding with progression in art! Age and Skill level… Davinci wasn't a master overnight neither are most people!
    2) Understanding of fundermentles, terms in context to the piece and there 'criticism'.
    3) style in which the piece was made, anime/ manga is simpler in design and form, thou with the later part of the 20 10's it's taken a more realistic approach…. but still, that's beside the point see point 1.
    4) Most of these mother fuckers just shit on people for the sake of it, most people don't want to be called out on there work they just want to make a piece there happy with and share it. there proud of it let them have that. if they're serious about art they'll buy a book or two on the fundamentals, take an art class and or ask for criticism themselves. and if they're not ready for that then fine leave them be, they will progress but at a slower rate and that's also fine.

    The issue with artists:
    1) Too many of us are thin-skinned, too defensive we've worked so hard on a piece and we get stuck in our ways. it causes stagnation and criticism should be used as a tool to improve your work. if you cant take a step back and look at your own work (no matter how hard you worked on it or how proud of it you are) and criticise it or have others criticise it then you should know that places like youtube, DA and other sharing platforms isn't the place for that.
    2) Always ask 'Why, what about X,Y,Z and how so?,' no matter the criticism good or bad, all criticism is good criticism. if someone says your magnum opus is shit ask why to take it with a pinch of sault and improve or discard it. its not the end all be all. 
    3) at the end of the day, you'll improve with enough practice, studies and critique both from your self and others. don't immediately jump to the defence, take a step back from the canvas, take a fine-tooth comb and yea your last work may have been a bit shit in places but your next piece will be better for it.

    Hope this helps someone out there who needs it.

    Now for the ass hats just sitting on this poor artist, I don't believe in 'Cancel culture' but the backlash is warranted, I hope they can learn from there blunder and take a long hard look at themselves. there always someone out there better than you someone with more experience and technical skill, as that 'Better' artist it's your responsibility to offer helpful advice and encouragement to those that need/ ask it. our community does not benefit from us bringing each other down. were all standing on the shoulders of giants you have no right to say hurtful things and judge. and don't value yourself by the number of subs or view counts its a waste of time and don't mean SHIT in the real world.

    Personally, I prefer the harsh, straight to the point crisisum, always been that way but not everyone is at the ens os the day, people don be asses and take everything this community say with a grain of salt, if you think you stick figure it the best thin since Mickel Angelo's the sixteenth Chapple then with all that's wicked and sullied have at it. just know it can always be improved and you can love it all you want and no bitch on the internet that can't draw for shit and is only hating for the sake of it with her herbivore looking motherfucker of an artis can take that away from you.

    ok, I'm done PEACE!

  7. I think my fave thing apart from them thinking they were some sort of funny dua picking on Neko was everyone saying how harassment was wrong then turning around and harassing them like there isn't some sort of vicious cycle at work that just ensures this will happen again and again… Gotta love bullying being wrong unless you don't like the person/their art

  8. Its so hard to make it as an artist without your peers talking shit about you. This girl already seemed to think she wasn't very good after only drawing about a year and then this little entitled brat comes in and puts her down. I've been drawing since I was a child, my mom let me and my siblings stay home from preschool so she could make our creativity blossom, everyday she would take a certain amount of time out of her day to teach us how to draw animals and flowers etc. I've been doing art since I had the ability to learn and I still have next to no following (250) or so and most of them are ghost followers. Don't you think I get frustrated? Of course, but I'd never put down another artist or person for that matter to build me up.

  9. What Hana did in the video is all destructive criticism. It's not constructive criticism because it involves insulting the artists personally. Criticism is meant to help people improve, not put them down or insult them contrary to popular opinion.

  10. Honestly I found Neko’s emotes really good. They’re cute and “cartoony” (that can sound negative, but I don’t think it’s negative at all) which I think is a style she can pull off. Her own art really pulls off this style nicely. No, she’s not Claude Monet, but honestly she has talent. Critiquing her rudely and harshly and demeaning her own character saying she’s trash is just unacceptable. Everyone could use constructive criticism, and I think Neko would appreciate such criticism if it was meant to help her improve. With improvement I can see her developing her style and art to become amazing. It’s already good and a base to develop more on. Overall, her art is so cute and matches her. I mean, she’s adorable! She spreads positive energy and kindness on her social media quite often. Let’s all support her. She’s the wholesome we need in the art community ❤️👏

  11. i thought that neko's art was cute! it's kinda clear they are just jealous of her success tbh it's sad really (esp because kun0s art seems good as well, but goddamn let people live wtf! what did you think was going to happen honestly)

  12. my favorite part of this video is every time you say look at how kuno handles this and you show his fucking asshole girlfriend and not kuno.

  13. DreamNekoTv makes me learn that no matter how destructive and toxic the situation is there's always a bright side lmao sounds classic but when I know she's being more recognized and receive so many encouraging gift I immediately learn that as long as we stay calm we will got what we deserve

  14. God I wish these people visit art school critiques they are pretty harsh but really helpful. I never knew these art drama existed lol

  15. I very much enjoyed this video and how you’re very clear. I would say the intro did take a while, but was either way balanced with the rest of the video

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