Qatar Airways Economy Class Review | 777-300ER | Doha to Munich

Qatar Airways has won multiple awards over the years for being the best airline in the world and especially for having the best business class product. How does their economy class product stack up? We think it’s one of the best in the world! Check out the full video review!

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9 thoughts on “Qatar Airways Economy Class Review | 777-300ER | Doha to Munich

  1. Stumbled across your channel today after seeing your Japan Airlines Business Class review video in my recommended feed. Criminally underrated airline/trip report channel. I hope you have many thousands of subs before long! Keep up the excellent presentations, they give a great overview of the many airlines that are out there!

  2. Very nice review mate. I can't wait to fly again with them next month. This time for the second time all the way from AMS to DPS.

  3. there is no amenity kit because this is a day flight less than 6 hrs flying time. when it is a night flight (overnight), there is an amenity kit available.

  4. Great insight. I am flying the MUC-DOH leg in a couple months. Crazy how empty that flight looks. Maybe thats why the flights from MUC were cheaper than from FRA or TXL.

  5. The flight looks definitely magnificent. Services are spot on, and the seat is nearly as perfection. Really well made report 👍

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