Phong Nha Sunset River Ride – Wow! I’m Here Doing This!

This is the final part of my 2nd day touring in Central Vietnam by motorbike. After the morning’s swim, then the afternoon riding the best bit of road I’ve ever ridden (See Here: we checked into our hotel in Phong Nha and then headed out on this ride to explore the town and the gorgeous river it sits alongside.

If you’ve ever see those stunning images of caves in Vietnam, this is the town where you can take cave tours. Stay tuned for the next video!

In May 2017, I was lucky enough to be able to visit Vietnam and tour by motorcycle with Bikes & Drones, who I had gotten to know through this whole YouTube thing.

This is the 7th video in a series of motorcycling videos where I spent a week riding around the absolutely stunning mountains and seaside areas of Central Vietnam on a Honda XR125, which was made available to me by Bikes & Drones. I cannot thank him enough for the awesome experience.

Then it was back to Ho Chi Minh City for more adventures before flying home.

Bikes & Drones Version Of My Trip:

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Intro & Trailer Music Courtesy of Captain Cranky. An awesome musician and regular partner on motorcycle adventures.
Check him out here:

Bike: 2008 Suzuki V-Strom DL650
Cameras: GoPro Hero3+ White, GoPro Hero3 Black, Drift HD170
Editing: Final Cut Pro X (early videos before Feb 2013 were edited on Windows Movie Maker. From late Feb to Nov 2013 all videos were created on iMovie)

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8 thoughts on “Phong Nha Sunset River Ride – Wow! I’m Here Doing This!

  1. Mate this looks just the ticket, a bit of squidding & lazy riding to take in all the amazing scenery!…& just as I was thinking what a shame it was that the night footage didn't really show that river cave so well up pops the 'next time' teaser 🙂 Really looking forward to the next installment, great stuff.

  2. "Wow! I'm here doing this!" – yeah, when you have time for the reality to sink in it's great. also part of the reason it's good to film just for yourself so some of it can sink in later, when not concentrating on riding.
    That was the most scenic yet – a lot of your footage along the river, take out the left quarter of the screen and it's all natural beauty.
    So you speak viet-english already… to that errant bovine: "Hey – you go back" LOL.
    Looked a bit challenging on the sandy bits coming back in the dark.
    Great stuff mate!

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