PC – Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition – LongPlay [4K: 50FPS]

PC – Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition (2006) – LongPlay [4K: 50FPS]

The game graphics didn’t age too well it looks pretty terrible and the games platforming was always horrible, however the game play is amazing and it has really good story.
If you want a speed run take a look at this video sure it’s played with Vergil but the game puzzles and locations are exactly the same.

“It’s plainly apparent from playing this game that it wasn’t originally designed with the PC platform in mind, but that doesn’t make it bad. This version of Devil May Cry 3 doesn’t play quite as well as the original, yet it still offers an intense and challenging experience so long as you’re open to a stiff challenge, have a gamepad, and are willing to put up with a bunch of holdovers from this game’s console roots. ” – GameSpot

Metacritic – 66%

I am playing this game on the PC and to be honest it isn’t the best place to play games.

Time Stamps
Mission 01: A crazy party – 05:39
Mission 02: The blood link – 08:01
Mission 03: The Devils’ tower – 13:57
Mission 04: The uninvited one – 22:21
Mission 05: Of devils and swords – 30:00
Mission 06: Family ties – 50:17
Mission 07: A chance meeting – 59:41
Mission 08: A renewed fear – 01:17:21
Mission 09: Faded memories – 01:29:32
Mission 10: The job – 01:40:28
Mission 11: Revenge – 01:50:27
Mission 12: Hunter and hunted – 01:59:50
Mission 13: Chaos’ warm welcome – 02:15:12
Mission 14: Drive! – 02:29:07
Mission 15: The gatecrasher – 02:47:14
Mission 16: Win or lose – 03:11:44
Mission 17: Inner-demons – 03:23:59
Mission 18: Invading hell – 03:33:27
Mission 19: Forces collide – 03:42:31
Mission 20: Screaming souls – 03:56:42

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31 thoughts on “PC – Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition – LongPlay [4K: 50FPS]

  1. one question, like honestly if you have everything to max, why dont you keep upgrading your weapons that you get while continuing the story mode ?! -.-

  2. U know what I think, Dante and Vergil is the equivalent of Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright. Maybe the design might be the inspiration for both characters except Vergil has a white hair which might be a teeny tiny change. But it's just a theory

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