PC BIOS Settings

BIOS / UEFI settings, including boot options, secure boot, enabling XMP memory profiles, and BIOS passwords. Also information on the differences between a legacy BIOS and a UEFI BIOS, and how to enter the BIOS.

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40 thoughts on “PC BIOS Settings

  1. I have a problem. My PC always boots into the bios instead of windows. No matter what the boot order is, it seems like it makes no difference. I really don't know what to do.

  2. Question, my EX-H110M-V motherboard can't detect external hard drive, is there a settings in BIOS that I can enable this?

  3. Very well!

    The Bios is mostly overseen by new or un-experienced users.

    MSI and ASUS are the best ones in my opinion. MSI was very fast with new updates/beta updates. Community is great and that MSI Boards last forever!

    Thank you very much Sir!

  4. why would you remove the cmos battery? each and every motherboard has the 'cmos reset' jumper… also, this is your poorest vid as you dont cover the topic at all… cpu voltage? ram clock? what is north bridge and what is south bridge? very very poor video indeed

  5. Thank you very much for your informative videos. Their content and production are excellent. I have watched most if not all of them. They never fail to satisfy my curiosity of OS's, builds, computer info.

  6. Some older systems also featured a graphical 'BIOS' interface long before UEFI came into being, I remember working on some old Compaq systems that had one.

  7. It's worth pointing out that some DDR3 systems also support XMP (my Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P motherboard does for one example)

  8. This video is really helpful…thank you very much
    But i am having trouble to install new windows 10 operating system…n it says there is problem with NX process n it doesnt support…
    Could u please make a video on how to solve NX processor problem in computers running on legacy bios

  9. I'm curious, how do you even do the video capture your use of these various BIOS settings? Is it via some sort of VGA cabling or is it some sort of VirtualPC rig? Really impressive and comprehensive run through mate well done.

  10. Another great video, I thought I knew most all of the bios setting/regulations, but the newer uefi systems has shown me I'm still learning. Thanks again Mr Chris:-)

  11. I thought you would cover the BIOS in a lot more detail such as the setting you told not to touch….e.g. overclocking, what each of the settings are and what they do and for etc…. When is that video coming? I would really like to know as the user manual never covers it!

  12. Thank you for your videos! They are the best!
    How did you catch and recorded these screens about the BIOS? What software did you use or what configuration?

  13. Super video that explains the mysteries about BIOS/UEFI in layman's terms. Short, sharp and to the point. Even non-techies will be able to follow. This is how tech videos should be made. Subscribed, and keep 'em coming. I just love this. Tks.

  14. I strongly suspect that Christopher is an angel in disguise: he uses a custom version of Photoshop to erase his feathered wings from the background.

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