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Lots of exciting new MULTI-USE launches this month – ideal for summer! EXPAND this little box for more info, links etc xo

PRODUCTS FEATURED (All PR Samples / gifted):
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Defence:
Hershesons Almost Everything Creme:
Nars Palette:
Giorgio Armani Colour Sketcher:
Kiehls Face Cream:

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This video is not sponsored but some links are affiliate links. The products featured are all PR samples. I am lucky enough to get sent most of the new beauty products launching each month, and therefore try and test them all to show you the very best ❤️


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47 thoughts on “New In: July! | Fleur De Force

  1. Some videos that would be great to see from you… day in the life (without hello fresh or ‘meetings’ in London – just a normal day) What the first year of motherhood was like- what you have learned how you have changed etc., favourite boxsets each season, cooking/recipes for a toddler, Garden tour with the dogs (just to see the dogs run around really😇), renovation projects. X

  2. It feels like you have totally lost your passion for YouTube. It’s like you rotate the same 4-5 video ideas over and over 🤷🏼‍♀️ Favourites, new in beauty, hauls and a vlog that will inevitably have some sort of ad (hello fresh, etc) 🤷🏼‍♀️ I think something really needs to change in order for you to peak the interests of your subs again.

  3. Hi Fleur, Love your updates and am very happy for you to do exactly what you want to do…… I love your lipstick on this clip. What is it???? I hope your hubby is making a good recovery . Cheers and thank you..

  4. Please make the old version of "new in" again. This version (top 5) is not as informative (or interesting for content) and is basically the same video as the monthly favorites…

  5. I really enjoy these videos 🙂 Would love to see more OFTD videos again, jewellery Collections, sunglass Collections, maybe a video about Your vintage Things in Your house….? 🙂

  6. Am I the only one who keeps watching Squidge in the background rolling around and having her best life while laughing at her cuteness? I miss the vlogs 😩

  7. Also "What River eats in a day" would be fun. I know you don't like to show River's face but you could do this type of video without showing her face at all.

  8. I absolutely love Fleur and she is one of the few youtubers that I watch consistently, so I really don't want to be negative, but I do agree with some of the other comments. The "new in" and "favourites" videos are getting very repetitive and tired and seem somewhat lazy. Maybe you should do them quarterly as opposed to monthly. I think if you did more videos it wouldn't be so bad, but currently it just seems that 80% of your videos are either"new in" or "favourites". I appreciate that regular vlogs are no longer possible because you are now a busy mum, but what about "Get ready with me" videos and routine videos etc. This type of content is still very popular on youtube. Also it has been years since you did a "what's in my Fridge". A grocery haul would also be interesting. How about updated collection videos, such as updated perfume collection, nail polish collection etc. Perhaps a "What's in my bathroom cabinet video or a "What's on my dressing table" etc. Maybe you can have some guests on your channel. Your mum and sister, plus some of your friends have always seemed quite keen to get involved on your channel so maybe we could take a peek in their makeup bags, they could talk about their skincare routines/favourite products etc. Alternatively Mike could do a cooking video? These are just some ideas. Please don't be offended. I just want your channel to always be successful!

  9. Well, seeing all the comments, I thought I would tell what would interest me for inspiration ✨
    I love brands like Chanel and Dior and everything, but lately I am also more interested in brands that are somewhat environmentally friendly 🌱

    Like all products Content Beauty & Well Being sells, especially in there 'plastic free products' section!
    Or clothing brands like Sézane, Natasha Tonic, Everlane… etc. A whole beautiful world to discover 🌹

    I would love to see some video's on it, luxurious but with the planet in mind 🌍

    Love you xx

  10. Hi sorry fluer , you are one of my fav bloggers and bloggers but the content is extremely boring n recitative . No fashion videos or vlogs 🤷‍♀️

  11. would you consider spicing up your vids? I feel like you do the same vids for years. update: I just noticed everyone else's comments! wow it wasn't just me!!! like I love fleur but it's hard watching her vids. They are so bland. she doesn't even seem excited making them.

  12. I know a lot of people are saying Fleur does a lot of or mostly high end which I agree,she does,but there are a lot of beauty influencers that do drugstore make up,so it’s nice to see some higher end(even though I cant afford them 😊)I like to see a bit of high end and low end ,regardless of whether I can afford it or not.😊

  13. Always glad to see a new video from you. With Mike being laid up, you being sick basically for months, and having a toddler I'm impressed you even have the energy to get dressed. I've been there and my heart goes out to you ❤

  14. Would love to see an updated video on your jewellery collection. Thanks for introducing the Missoma jewellery i have bought a few pieces online and there having a massive sale aswell. Monica Vinder is nice too but much more expensive. I am more of a silver jewellery girl than gold 😄 Missoma is expensive too but less expensive than Monica Vinder. Also is in Sterling costing me more when change to euro currency 😔

  15. The Nars Orgasm limited collection is lovely the packaging have you tried? Didn’t see you mention came out in June. The blusher is bigger better value in money and last longer. I never liked multi use cosmetics.

  16. I continue to enjoy the beauty favourites. Maybe chuck in a few more food/lifestyle/culture bits for those bored of beauty. Thanks.

  17. I love the vlogs but lately have really started to dislike all the haul and other videos that encourage people to buy more stuff due to environmental issues so unfortunately these sort of videos I dislike. Don't get me wrong, I love makeup 🙂 But I'm hoping maybe in the future you could shift your channel to be more environmentally friendly? 🙂 Like I said, love the vlogs and baby/toddler videos as well <3 Wish u all the best!

  18. Can you do a full day wear test when the new Charlotte tilbury foundation launches please? As per usual she's saying it will change your life 😛 interested in your opinion x

  19. I love that you still highlight the “old school”brands that I love ❤️❤️❤️ they need to more love on YouTube

  20. Will always love your videos. Been subscribed for 5 years!!!!! I would love if you’d show more products even ones you don’t like. But still great video! Keep up the great work!

  21. Hello Fleur! 🙂 Thank you for this video but I find out so boring and you have shown a complete lack of interest and your products are not what I am interested about – there are so many stupendous products coming out these days with a real impact on the plastic world crisis we are going though. I do not understand why you cannot be bothered to do your research accordingly and evolve with what we should all be concerned about. I used to love following you but today, you are not showing any spark nor will to share informative content. Make up is all you can talk about really? You are the kindest it seems but that’s a shame you are not honest with us on where you stand. Why don’t you take a break and find what excites you…rather than just sit there for the sake of it. You are not obligated to post this kind of videos what make you happy xoxo

  22. I don’t usually comment however I have been subscribed for a long time and love your videos. However to echo what others have commented a change up in content would be interesting – I feel like favourites and new in videos have sort of been done now and I loved the longer videos of hauls, videos that include more products at varying price points, tutorials etc etc. I do still love the vlogs too but again it’s a little predictable (i.e always hello fresh in every video). I know it’s probably hard to think of new ideas and I appreciate you have a ton of stuff going on, but it just feels a little samey and I don’t feel as excited about the content as I used to. I think you’re fab but maybe just time to test out some new content.

  23. Have been watching Fleur for years and over the last few months I've found videos few and far between… I understand Mike was ill after his hip operation and Fleur has been poorly too… That must be the reason… Not easy combining working and motherhood x

  24. I miss the vlogs.. Used to get very excited about those! I know you are very busy now but the videos feel a bit repetitive and rushed. Hopefully we can have some vlogs soon. xo

  25. Oh no! These are just your top favourites, I always watch your new in videos as it helps me to know all good and not so good items that are coming out. This is a bit disappointing.😣

  26. Oehh that Nars palette looks insane 😍😍 and I love how Kiehl’s adjust their packaging to certain events to raise awareness! Love your channel 😊

    Xoxo Annaleid

  27. Every time these videos come up I think they are just there to serve a big corporate machine. There's no soul or personality or anything of interest in them for me. And I love your vlogs.. but we all know about four minutes in there's the mandatory Hello Fresh bit. Come on Fleur.

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