Neon Sign Effect Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial

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In today’s tutorial we’re going to create a bright neon sign effect using the powers of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. While it is possible to construct the entire artwork in Photoshop alone, Illustrator offers some useful tools for producing the initial layout with its vector shape building capabilities. Where Photoshop really shines is with its various layer style options that can be configured to create vibrant lighting effects, which are perfect for depicting a realistic, illuminated neon sign. Real neon signs are made out of glass tubes that a bent into shape, so to help with the realism of our neon sign artwork, the linework will be created in a way so there’s a start and end point for each segment with no overlaps. Photographs of real neon signs show intense brightness from the tube that appears almost white, but with an ambient glow of a vibrant colour. This will be replicated using Photoshop’s Inner Glow, Outer Glow and Drop Shadow effects.

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20 thoughts on “Neon Sign Effect Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial

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  2. Liked and subscribed because of how efficient this tutorial is. Great for people like me with years of basic PS experience, but still a noob in drawing.

  3. In the final step 8:48 when you add the ellipse marquee tool, how do you blacken it? I tried to fill it but it didn't yield the same result

  4. I know this video might be a little bit old , but how does he applies that really intense color? when he does the smooth brush thing? , can anyone help me?

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