Minecraft Memes 15

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32 thoughts on “Minecraft Memes 15

  1. When you cut down a tree in Minecraft and you don't replace the siblings:

  2. I'm being bullyed because i own bedrock edition, but my dream is to have Java but i can't afford a PC 🙁

  3. Me: I Prefer The Fastest Thing
    Friend: Race Car?
    Me: I Said The Fastest Thing
    Friend: Flash!?

    Friend: Baby Zombie
    Me: Perfection!

  4. a person: Im the dumbest person alive
    Random guy: Fortnite is better than Minecraft
    That person: Your clearly dumber

  5. Minecraft: dies
    Terraria: Fortnite!
    Fortnite: kill terraria
    Minecraft: how dare u
    ROBLOX: I can help
    Fortnite: dies
    Minecraft: now everything is good again
    ROBLOX: yeah

    Terraria: sad black boy face

  6. My saddest moment in minecraft was when i was still playing on xbox 360. I had spotted a wolf and luckily I had bones from some dead skeletons. I tamed the wolf and walked by a one block deep pond. He ended up drowning in one block deep waters. I now know what sadness really now

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