Minecraft Memes 14

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38 thoughts on “Minecraft Memes 14

  1. When your friend uses dirtblocks in a build but its used to add detail to his giant iron man statue

    A surprise to be sure but a welcome one

  2. Minecraft: Dies God: wait that’s illegal so I am bringing him back. Fortnite: IMPOSSIBLE. Minecraft: Roblox also have the same treatment. Roblox: LOL #uslesscomment

  3. 14 years old girl: Billie Elish's songs are so sad
    Me: They aren't though
    14 years old girl:What will is be this time fallen kingdom song

  4. Me: trowing a snowball in the nether
    *hits a zombie pigman
    Zombie pigman: lets attack him
    Me: equipping my god armor and killing every zombie pigmen
    Ghast: FIREBALL
    Lava: you cant escape from me

  5. Girl: billie eillish songd are sad
    me: not really
    girl: have u not experienced sadness?

    me: cries because my minecraft dog got killed

  6. Girls: billie ellish songs are so sad

    Me: they aren't thought

    Girls: have yiy even expressed sadness in your life?

    Me: die in lava with inventory full of diamond

  7. Who else saw the
    "People who kill baby animals in minecraft for entertainment"
    meme and just said, "Haha, I do that"

  8. 6:40 don't diss her like that because I was stuck in that for 5 years because I had no Wi-Fi to update my minecraft

  9. I'm getting sad while watching this… These old days when you played Minecraft on version 1.5.2 – 1.7.10
    Who is missing these days?

  10. Did no one notice good old Voldemort at 0:22
    Like I one in the comments noticed
    Am I the only Harry Potter fan here ⚡⚡

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