Minecraft Memes 12

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33 thoughts on “Minecraft Memes 12

  1. Expect a new video of changing topic every day at 4pm GMT 0 (aka British time) and a new episode of Juicy Memes at 7pm GMT 0 every day!

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  2. All of it is so true XD

    What is scarier

    Minecraft cave sounds
    Horror movie sounds
    Monika from DDLC ( Doki Doki Literature Club)

  3. 8:41 dear god,,,it's true and i don't even play minecraft.
    I haven't played it in months,maybe years
    The minecraft call

  4. 2:28 No.
    This is a Minecraft video but. New Players (Like me) When entered the "Underground" Biome:*Extremly Fast Climbs The Rope*

  5. 4:18 hey brother can i have some SAUCE pls brother i havent had SAUCE for a long time brother i havent consume any carbon dioxide

  6. Attention-o-meter

    Terraria's water change when you change of biome that was made ways earlier than minecraft: NO ONE
    Minecraft's biome change that just came coming: 100 Microphones turned on

  7. Minecraft stories:

    So my little sister loves Minecraft. LIKE ALOT. Unfortunately she sucks. She’s like 7. So when ever she needs something built, or a raid happens along, ( in creative ) I have to deal with it. So every thing on her world I made. She’s also horse crazy. So I have made a massive stables where she can keep all of her 50+ horses. There’s like 50 4 by 3 stalls. And I tired of adding on every day for the next 8-9 horses she finds and tames. So for about a month now I’ve taken 5 or 6, killed or released them. Without her noticing, I’ve done this every day and now only add on occasionally. I feel really bad but, if I don’t build it she gets mad and cries and I get in trouble. So problem solved. Ish. She does the same thing with parrots, or she would if she could find the spawn egg.

    I leashed my fox while he was asleep and he stayed in the sleeping position the whole time ik I walked and it’s was the cutest thing ever.

    I have a donkey in survival that can go as fast as a horse

    And I keep a giant herd of pink sheep that I found and breed. And then feed them to my wolves, along with white rabbits

  8. Me playing minecraft 2014: So cool game!

    Me playing now: what the fuck are those sounds and what the fuck is this? (disc 11 and disc 13)

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