[Malaysia] Shila Amzah – Beautiful(Goblin OST) / Reaction by Korean

Hi guys !!
Here is an another reaction video for Shila Amzah. Majority of our Malay fans have cosistently been requesting for it. She was amazing at this video and make us such a big fan of her 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy this video and Please hit the ”like’ & ‘subscrive’

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39 thoughts on “[Malaysia] Shila Amzah – Beautiful(Goblin OST) / Reaction by Korean

  1. That guy with blueblack shirt looks like he really fall in love with her. The way he looks at her…. He already fall in love..hahahaha

  2. Shila's Hamzah father is a singer too.She has blood roots that follow her dad's footstep.She has fans in China,Malaysia,Indonesia and Singapore.Her voice is like Mariah Carey if she sang R&B in English.

  3. Can see shila face that she make no effort to sing this song. And if there is english sentence in the song?? She nail it for sure👍👍

  4. Do more reaction malaysia songs.

    I suggest you

    Ismail izzani ↩️

    Luar biasa
    Save me
    And more.
    I don't remember. Sorry.

  5. React to siti nurhaliza kasihku selamanya mv. Its an ost for horror movie. About a ghost who seeks revenge on her husband after he married other girl

  6. If you want to see her more profesional performance that she do. Please react the song called listen by beyonce cover ver by shila amzah at china competition. You never regret once you see that

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