LGR – Building My Dream $3,588 Windows XP PC

Let’s build a PC! A Windows XP gaming machine from parts circa 2007 to 2008, to be precise. This Core 2 Extreme SLI rig would’ve cost $3,588 if all the parts were bought new when they first released. Time to put it together and play some Crysis and 3D Pinball Space Cadet.

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41 thoughts on “LGR – Building My Dream $3,588 Windows XP PC

  1. Question for those that made it through the whole build and saw the final specs:
    What upgrades or changes would you like to see this PC receive in the future, if any?
    As mentioned at the end I plan to upgrade the sound card and add a PhysX board, but I'd love to hear your suggestions!

  2. trying to do the same thing but when a socket 775 motherboard is 100$ in canada
    with a q6600

    when you can get a new b450 for 100$
    any suggestions??

  3. I've been trying to source parts to build a good XP system.
    I was very disappointed in the price of parts in the realm of the i7 9xx series or 8xx series.
    AMD isn't much better.

  4. ~2007 was when I built my first gaming PC. I saved up all summer so I could play The Orange Box. I believe I had an 8800 GT and whatever the entry level Intel dual core was. I can't remember what resolution monitor I was running, perhaps 1440×900.

  5. Best WIndows XP Setup (newest parts that officially support windows xp):
    Intel Core i7-2700k
    GeForce GTX 780 Ti
    500GB SSD
    Z68 motherboard

  6. on mentioning the drives, i realized this is like someone buying their favorite car they could never afford growing up. Top notch stuff

  7. Why not run Windows XP x64 ed?. Allowing for more ram, it's literally Win Server 2003 x64 minus server roles and themes turned on by default. The service packs are the same download. I ran WinXPx64 on an AMD Athlon 64 AM2 6000+ duel core @ 3.0Ghz and 8GB DDR2 in a Thermaltake Armor LCS case.

  8. Yeah my first custom pc I had back in 2008 was not that great but it was decent for running games like halo combat evolved. Don't remember the specs but it was nothing too special.

  9. I have 6GB of that RAM XMS latency DDR2 800mhz
    Had 8 but I broke one trying to remove the heat sink. Ill sell it to you if you want it. Its too tall for the low pro cases Ive been using.

  10. Meanwhile i'm looking forward to my first trully gaming pc. I now have an 7th gen intel i5 and 8gb of ram. Nor even graphics card , intel hd graphics runs pretty well games like LOL or CS:GO and some of this windows XP games

  11. I made my own windows xp SP3 install disk. It includes it rather than installs it separately. I had a program integrate it for me and then it was just a matter of burning the disk. Since I worked on computers for a living it was worth it. Saved me so much time.
    This is only slightly better than my 2008 machine. lol But I spent about $2K on it at the time. I still have it and it still works. Dual WD raptors in SLI mode. The graphics is a geforce 570 though. The original 8800 failed on me. Oh and it has 8GB ram. That was a must as an unreal engine developer (as a hobby). UE3 could easily eat 4GB ram for breakfast during light building. Add in windows itself and any other programs running? Yeah I had no trouble getting just a tad over 6gb in it's day. Now UE4 laughs at 8gb for development. Even 16GB is pushing it as it is. My next system will have at least 64Gb. Ironically in the future this might not be a requirement as raytracing gets powerful enough to do 100% dynamic lighting.

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