Lenovo Y540 Gaming Laptop Review

The Lenovo Legion Y540 has been such a highly requested gaming laptop on the channel that I bought one just to review for you all, so let’s dig into the details, find out if it lives up to the hype and help you decide if it’s a laptop worth buying.

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GTX 1660 Ti + i7-9750H:
GTX 1650 + i7-9750H:

You can find out more about the cooling pad I used in the video here:

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40 thoughts on “Lenovo Y540 Gaming Laptop Review

  1. Do you know why not avaleble to switch on hybrid mode? I couldnt find to change between the performance and the quiet mode also in the Lenovo. vantage.

  2. I have a hard time understanding english but the review was still helpful.

    Nevertheless I still have one question: Do the fans get loud when I use the laptop for "normal" stuff or programming? Like using office or Java?

  3. Hi Jarrod, I am planning to buy Lenovo Y545 in US from Amazon by seller Avocado Premium PC. Will the warranty still be applicable in India? Thanks in advance.

  4. Hey Jarrod,
    Bought the laptop after your wonderful review, my right hinge has a small gap(connected only to one end, the other end is not connected), is it a proper design? Is it the same in your machine too?

  5. Which would you prefer this or the metabox nh58rd? There's some good sales for these two atm and really considering getting one.

    Also I'll be going for the 17" model, as I won't be using any externals, used for gaming and some video editing.


  6. Hi jarrod. Can you please check out the lenovo legion y540 i5 9300 + gtx 1650 variant? Does the screen have the same percentage of srgb and adobe srgb as this one ? Thank you 🙏

  7. Hmm. Heavily considering getting this for my engineering degree. Currently use the lenovo x200 from 2008 for the great keyboard but I'd like to play games when I visit my GF and at campus while having a solidly build pc. Lenovo does offer students 20% off in my country. Do you recommend this over the Dell G5 with similar specs Jarrod? Or is there a third laptop that trumps them both?

  8. Hi Jarrod 🙂 Could you give us some info on the internal soundcard? Is it a good quality one, and does it have any virtual surround features? Thanks in advance!

  9. Just got my Y540. One question, did they update and overhaul the Lenovo vantage software? In the video it's a dark theme and more compact look. The version i just installed is all white and looks way different.

  10. i am not that deep into tech stuff..but why is the temperature with gaming and stress test in quit mode lower than in performance mode..i mean quit mode = slower fan speed = higher temperature and performance mode = higher fan speed = lower temperature..or am i missing something?

  11. Which one has good temps and which one has a good cooling system?
    1. i5 9300h + RTX 2060 = Lenovo Y540
    2. i5 9300h + GTX 1660 Ti = ASUS ROG Strix III G531GU
    Good temps overall… cpu + gpu without undervolt.

  12. The -0.15V UV is only on the CPU or both CPU and GPU ? I guess performance will also increase if you undervolt your GPU…

  13. Mine is Lenovo legion Y540 with 1650 4gb graphic card
    My screen is 60hz one but

    When it's in night mode, at 4500k eye strain mode,
    The screen suddenly comes out of that mode and emitting blue light for an second and returns to normal eye care mode….

    Why ?

    Just like a flash of a second it happens….

    Words or anything on screen is not disappearing….

  14. Hey Jarrod. Im thinking about buy the 17" model. There are any relevant worries? I dont know if the performance will be the same of the reviews because the engeneering is different.

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