Interceptor 5000 kms HONEST Review

We took RE Interceptor to Bhutan, done now almost 5000 kms. Here is my detailed review


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39 thoughts on “Interceptor 5000 kms HONEST Review

  1. Bulu Bhai,
    I have been riding for quite a long time now.
    Pulsar 180 (2006 – 2011) – 36000 kms
    Pulsar 220 (2011 – 2015) – 33000 kms
    KTM RC390 (2015 – 2018) – 23000 kms
    Yamaha R3 (currently owned) – 19000 kms

    The problem is that on my R3, I have damaged my alloy wheels twice and I have been thinking of to buy a new bike with bigger and stronger wheels. But I am confused like hell. Given that I cannot make peace with a less powerful or less refined bike, I don't have much options left. Either I stay with my R3 and ride it cautiously or buy an interceptor 650. What should I do and please suggest any other bike in 3 lac budget which is at least as potent as R3 if not more.

  2. Bulu bhai apne ek video me bola tha ki interceptor high altitude pe suddenly engine band ho jata h….to kya wo problem abhi bhi h ya uska koi solution nikal gya h?

  3. Hi bulu bhai first time I am commenting on your video s . Fantastic job you are doing. Great salute to you. I am confused for one whole month what to buy interceptor or dominar . Is it really worth waiting 4months and buying interceptor or plug and play with dominar . Till now not clear. If u can share a viedo in comparison . It will be a great help for people like me . Specially for tall people 6+ ft. Thanks bro -Deepu from BLR

  4. Bulu bhai I saw many reviews on all my doubts cleared except one thing that is bothering me before making my final decision to buy this bike. I noticed that both the exhausts are positioned quite close to ground ( clearance is approx 174 mm),my question is wether I will face any issue on speed breakers (with pillion ) which are slightly high or for that matter any problem that you faced due to low placed exhausts?

  5. Bulu bhai mujhe ek doubt hei ki foot rest ke baajhu mei hi engine hai tho agar wo engine garam hogai tho aur hamne chappal pehan liya tho apna foot jalalenge na tho iska solution kya hei??

  6. Very well Informative video . after watching ur videos I booked my Interceptor 650 want a bike with power and performance in the budget As u do videos on budget bikes I am really thank full for taking your time and doing this many videos . ❤️❤️

  7. I really the continental gt 650 but what concerns me is it's touring capabilities and whether it can handle small time offroading?
    Will it be comfortable for long rides?
    Recently I saw your video where the interceptor fails at high altitude, have someone else experienced it?
    Now seeing the Dominor 2019 I am having second thoughts. I consider touring a big criteria and Dominor being more technically advanced and being a good tourer, I am confused. Please help me out here bro.

  8. Hi Bulu, a little hello from France. I want to buy soon a 650 interceptor and i want the same windsheeld. Can you give à link to buy this one? Thank's a lot and excuse me for my bad english.

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