INSMA 3000mW USB Laser Engraver under $120 from banggood [unboxing/review/first test]

Hy There,

In this video i’ll show you my new and first laser engraver wich i got from banggood.

3000mW USB Laser Engraver:
($119.9 coupon price for it: 4cb229 )

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Laser Safety Goggles:
Angle Grinder: (15%off coupon:759ccb)
BlitzWolf® BW-S7 charger:
BlitzWolf® BW-MC12 Micro USB:
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Name: Laser Engraver
Material: ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic) + Aluminium alloy
Color: Black + Gold
Size: 15.2×16.6×14.3cm (6″x6.5″x5.6″)
Voltage: AC 110-220V
Laser power: 3000mW
Carving area: 80x80mm(3.1″x3.1″)
Carving depth: 1mm
Applicable range: Plane surface
Supporting systems: Windows XP/7/8/10
Supporting image format: JPEG/ JPG/ PNG/ BMP
Features: a laser carving machine for home use,used for carving wood, plastic, leather, etc.

1.The product is a laser carving machine for home use, a tool machine, can not be compared with laser carving machine for industrial use.
2.Do not use the laser head to point at human or livestock,do not use laser to point at people’s eyes.
3.Laser has exposure to laser is strictly prohibited.
4.The caving machine should not be stopped while working,it will cause a damage.
5.This product not suitable for kids under age of 14.
6.Software only support Windows.
7.Do not fall or make any collision to the product.
8.The shell with laser cutting technology,sharp edge,please pick up and down gently to prevent scratches.
9.Metal, glass, crystal and transparent or translucent stuff are can not be engraved.
10.The color of the item may vary slightly due to photography and different PC monitor, and the size might be slightly errored due to manual measurement. Your kindly understanding would be appreciated.
11.You might need to temporarily shut down the antivirus software before downloading the software. Otherwise some files in the software would be mistaken for virus and deleted by antivirus software.
12.Please according to the user manual to operate the machine. After 20 minutes of working, it need to take a break, can not work continuously for a long time.

Operation instruction video:
Software download:
Step 1.Insert the USB disk
Step 2: Install the “driver.exe”
Step 3: Must Copy the “English zip” to Computer desktop and then unzip it.
Step 4: Connect the engraver to computer
Step 5: Open the “scarve-en.exe” which is unzip from the “English zip”

Package includes:
1 x Laser Engraver
1 x Power Cord (US Plug)
1 x USB Disk
1 x USB Cable
2 x Wooden Board
1 x Laser Focusing Paper
1 x Screw Driver
5 x Screws
5 x Screw Caps

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Foto, video & editing: Tine Sedej

Sony A6500 [sel 18-200 f3,5-5,6]
Sony A6000 [sel 30 f3.5macro,]

GoPro 7 Black

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36 thoughts on “INSMA 3000mW USB Laser Engraver under $120 from banggood [unboxing/review/first test]

  1. Hi man. I bought the same machine (Other name) and I proved it but the result are far from what I expect. Some lines of engraver appear between the draw and the letters. Is there any way or adjust to fix that thing? thanks in advance.

  2. Hi, I have the same laser engraver. I have been using it successfully for several jobs but now I have a problem. The laser engraver began to engrave reflecting the image, in other words the image comes out as seen in a mirror and I cannot modify it and it is also turned (the top part goes down and the bottom part goes up). How can I reset the machine.

  3. Very informative but too fast for a brand new guy to computers I just figured out how to turn this on yesterday I’ll have to watch the video a few times but I think you taught me everything I need to know I just need to be smart enough to learn it thank you
    WILL IT CUT 1/8 inch luan? How can I make it cut out 1+1/4” STARS???

  4. Today on Banngood the price was $79.00. I suspect that it would be a good starter machine to use for practice. Thanks for the review.

  5. Download Latest Scarve Software [2019]
    With all missing files, and solution of errors

  6. Download Latest Scarve Software [2019]
    With all missing files, and solution of errors

  7. This is very helpful thank you! I am curious to know how long the machine will run well for? Does anyone have experience with this after a year or so?

  8. Hi, Will this work for say a wood baseball bat logo and different text sizes?? Also can a bat be placed under laser?? How deep can it go into wood?? And if not what one would??

  9. Pravkar sem naročil ta engraver. Super video! Sem bil presenečen, ko sem videl Windows v slovenščini 👍
    Kako se obnese graviranje na ABS plastiko? Se plastika tali kot pri PLA, glede na to da ima višje tališče?

  10. Great video. The fact that it rasters instead of actually cutting is terrible. It could effectively cut so much faster. You could load it up with Marlin software 😀

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