How to reduce triglycerides

High triglycerides are a common finding on standard cholesterol panels and signifies higher risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, stroke, and fatty liver. While much of the information on a standard cholesterol panel is virtually useless garbage, the triglyceride value is indeed useful, as it represents an accurate gauge of VLDL particles that underlie heart disease risk.

Here are natural and easy ways to drop triglycerides from even high levels of 350, 500, 700 mg/dl or more to 60 mg/dl or less, a value associated with magnificent health and marked reduction of risk for heart disease.

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We draw from the health information of the world, collaborate, share experiences, collect data, and show how to apply new health tools to achieve levels of health that you may have thought unattainable. We do all this at a time when conventional healthcare costs have become crippling.

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11 thoughts on “How to reduce triglycerides

  1. oh you just made my night – my triglycerides were at 55 last test – 2 months ago! For whatever reason I have been very blessed when it comes to triglycerides. When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I also had high blood pressure – but my cholesterol wasn't bad. My trig. were at 140. I've lost over 150 pounds and reversed my type 2 diabetes – and like I said, I couldn't believe it when my doctor said my trig. are now 55! 🙂 Giving up grains/carbs is worth it!

  2. My hdl was 72 and triglycerides 52 all because i have no grains or carbs.Had heart attack and triple bypass a year ago from eating ton of carbs and grains.My doctor is impressed with me because he thinks i eat the crap he tells me eat.Thank Dr.Davis for his great advice and books. Keep saving lives sir like mine !!

  3. Great advice🎯 I love your videos, jam packed full of excellent insights and advice. Thank you Dr. William Davis. You are a legend👌🙏

  4. I read 25 years ago that a high carb diet increases triglycerides. Mine was I think around 300 after following the low fat diet always recommended at the time. Anyway I cut back- not severely- on carbs and the next time I had lab drawn my triglycerides were below 100. I think they did get down to 60 at one point. So yeah, it worked for me.
    Thank you for the good information. BTW, I bought the Undoctored book too- hasn't arrived yet but looking forward to reading it.

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