How To Get THICK & HEALTHY Hair | Vitamin E Hair Treatment | Evion 400 |

In this video I showed you Vitamin E hair treatment, vitamin e capsules use for hair.

face wash I use:

eye cream for dark circles:

lip balm for healthy lips:

shampoo for hair fall:

conditioner for smooth hair:

Natural Hair wax for healthy hair:

Your queries:
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46 thoughts on “How To Get THICK & HEALTHY Hair | Vitamin E Hair Treatment | Evion 400 |

  1. Bhai mera bal bohot nikal rahi hai 😢 😢 plz kouch tarika batao jesa mera bal nikal na bandan ho jaya aor new bal aye mera head pe plz bhai batao

  2. nice video… but let me give simple tip to all…. just drink carrot and beetroot juice daily for 3months.. 100 percent hair problem solve.. it's personal experience

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