how to get custom emblems for GTA crews works 2019

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44 thoughts on “how to get custom emblems for GTA crews works 2019

  1. If you guys are getting error try downloading chrome. It wouldnt work on Internet explorer for me so i downloaded chrome and it works.

  2. Im trying to upload a logo that be spent several hours a day making and when i click save it takes never and sometimes when i click cancel and click save again they say its an inappropriate picture and they'll suspend me for it if i keep trying to upload it its a picture of a drawed face like wtf?!?!?!? And yet there's some crews i saw with porn crew emblems WTF ROCKSTAR FIX YOUR SHITTY WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don't have import Emblem "Gift for Senpai v1" is a error "if was a problem to import this emblem – please try again" ! Please help.

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