How to access BIOS in Windows 10 (in Dell / Asus / HP etc.)

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This is a brief discription about how to access BIOS in Windows 10 in Dell,Asus,HP or any other Microsoft supporting systems.
It’s different to access BIOS (UEFI) in Windows 10 than previous Windows like Windows XP,7,8 etc.
You can access BIOS (UEFI) by straight from the windows while is ON(No need to restart system and press and hold F2 or F10 or DEL key unlike previous version of Windows)
I hope this video will be helpful to you.Please feel free to comment me if you have any question or suggestion.
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48 thoughts on “How to access BIOS in Windows 10 (in Dell / Asus / HP etc.)

  1. You can access UEFI with this method if your Windows 10 is a Licence version.
    Not sure it will work if you are using cracked Windows 10.

  2. I click on restart, but my computer does nothing afterwards. I always just end up having to completely turn off my computer.

  3. If you really want to shows people how to do things, please slow down. I don't know how many people can listen and watch you video without go back multiple times.

  4. I dont see the UEFI option on my PC. I’m using Windows 10 and for those who might say your using cracked version Windows 10 actually came with my computer so no this is a legit copy.

  5. When I clicked on advanced options it is asking to select account and then enter the password. I don't know password. How to solve this problem and I don't have current password on PC .please help

  6. Hiw did you get into the boot manager it doesn't show anything to get to there I'm trying to fix my wifi adapter thing sorry I'm not good at computers can anyone help?

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