How Does Conduit Work? | The Minecraft Guide – Minecraft 1.14.4 Lets Play Episode 86

Today’s episode is a bit of a different one. In this episode of The Minecraft Guide we take a look at the conduit. We also start work on an Ocean Monument farm and get a brand new Mending tool! This episode features a Q&A Timelapse too!


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30 thoughts on “How Does Conduit Work? | The Minecraft Guide – Minecraft 1.14.4 Lets Play Episode 86

    I'm working on a new series that is all about building, this time it's about Piglin Bases! It's really cool but I need submissions.
    Slide over to r/wattles here for more info on it gamers 👉👉

  2. Man, wasnt expecting to get sad over hearing youve been listening to mac miller. Ive loved that guy for so long. Rest in peace Malcolm

  3. ive been watching this series back while I pack orders and its just so good. also been loving the hardcore series too!

  4. Hello Wattles. I've started a Guardian Farm earlier, because I saw Xisumavoid build one in Hermitcraft (ep 737) and I wanted to try. But I've started my sand walls the block just outside the last block of the monument, not on the 3rd as you did. Won't it work well that way ? I didn't finish it so it's still Ok to build another one further, but I would like to know why it won't work. Thanks in advance.
    And also thanks for showing all your work, it's a great source of inspiration for me!

  5. I love my crush but she approved with another guy who he hap proposed her. She knows my love but she said if I proposed her she would had approved but I have no guts


  6. Wattles comment of the day about bedrock series
    Wattles says new series coming soon
    I get my hopes up
    Wattles crushes my dreams by saying survival hardcore series

  7. was that shovel reference (cca 3:08 ) a TF2 reference? 😀 because the explosion with the shovel reminds me of trolldiering 😀 but i am propably wrong 😀

  8. Hi Wattles I have a really good idea that I'm working on ,And that is turning an ocean monument into a sub-ocean village and it is absolutely raid proof, also has the side benefit of farming guardians and golems "still working out the kinks but basicly the golems kill the guardians and the guardians kill the golems giving you prismarine and iron, Not to mention being a safe place for your villagers.

  9. Can you explain how the AFK fish farm works, ;Ike what the pressure plate and other blocks around it are for? Also, is it possible to build one for bedrock?

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