Glowing Skin के लिये Vitamin E का उपयोग || Usage of Vitamin E For Healthy Glowing Skin

इस वीडियो मे मैंने विटामिन ई को ग्लोइंग skin के लिये, पुराने घाव के निशान मिटाने के लिये और भिन्न भिन्न स्किन problems में उपयोग करने के तरीके बताये हैं।

In this video I have explained how to correctly use Vitamin E in oil and capsule form to get healthy and glowing skin, and also how to use Vitamin E to treat various skin problems, as well as getting rid of old scars and blemishes.


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40 thoughts on “Glowing Skin के लिये Vitamin E का उपयोग || Usage of Vitamin E For Healthy Glowing Skin

  1. Ok first of all i just want to show my appreciation for ur efforts for making this video for us. Since i m a struggling student who is also a sole bearer of the house, i could never afford the highly charging doctors for any kind of advice that i desperately needed. I had a bad really dry skin and dark patches on many parts of my body, i started using evion capsules with coconut oil since past 2 years and i can proudly say that it did helped me a LOT. Though i have been taking evion 600 mg capsules for better result but after watching ur video i have become concerned whether i should continue eating it or not. So far i didn't have any side effect but i m not sure if should continue consuming it. Any kind suggestion from ur side would be really highly appreciated. Thank u

  2. Aap ka video mujhe Acha Laga app slowly baat kiya I understand hua thank you so so much for videos vitamins E

  3. Mam please mujhe bataye daily konsa cream use karnase Acha lagega mera skin dry skin or Bouth baithla sink mam

  4. Things are sells in market but the antic peases are not easily found
    Like you 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗lots of love

  5. Plz share how to use vitamin C tablet to face as it's serum is really costly.

    Also can we use vitamin e capsule on face regularly at night

  6. Don’t use guys mane esi hi sari dekhi thi pr mere hair white hone lage or face pr white patches hogaye or ab clinic k chakkar Lagne pad rhe h

  7. Mam humari age 34 years hai humara chehra din ba din bejaan sa hota ja rha hai koi ronak hi nhi reh gai chehre ka rang bhi ek jaisa nhi hai kahin kahin gora kahin kaala sa dikhta hai hum kya karein kya khaein kaya lagayein mam please kuch iske liye bhi video banaiega mam please hum humesha harbal cheez hi lagate hain fir bhi kuch faida nhi hota hai kahin jaane me sharm aati hai

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