Durango – Seagull Crossbow II

Seagull Crossbow Limb II
6 Processed rib level 55
pointy, lightweight
surface processing 2x
high precision 2x
3 Tanned leather level 55
1 Metal accessories level 55

Pro-class crossbow
1 Crossbow limb level 55
1 Sturdy crossbow body level 55
1 Durable bowstring level 55

Nail spike modification
1 Weapon / tool
4 Nail
4 Rope

Food for processing :
Pizza topping banana

Food for weapon crafting :
Seasoned chicken with vegetable sauce, then BBQ stone plate it using bell pepper seasoning

source: https://cnsuk.net/

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36 thoughts on “Durango – Seagull Crossbow II

  1. subtítulo en español puede ser disculpa las molestias ,me gusta tu vídeos quiero aprender hacer un Ballesta buena com 6 buff y traje de franco tirador

  2. Hello. I m Vietnamese. Thanks you for your video. It is amazing!!! I m a gatherer in my clan. I need a pet, it has high speed. Can you get high speed pet? Please teach us?

  3. My friend, I love your channel, I hope it grows a lot and a lot. thanks for explaining perfectly every step about the game. towards the 3 thousand subscribers.

  4. Sou muito seu fan sou aqui do Brasil gostaria de saber se tu não faria um vídeo ensinando como fazer o colar de alfaite com carisma +3 obrigado !!!!!!!

  5. ¿Todavía se puede conseguir el buff de fabricación de armas al momento de hacer una traje a la moda?

    Y se puede,¿Que se utiliza?

    Y estando en el servidor del este,¿como le agregó WILL a una herramienta?

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