dota2 animation short film: Tower Destroyers – Windranger

Hi, all! After three months of hard work, we’ve finally completed this short film about Windranger. Following “Hidden Talent”s win at the TI5 Short Film Contest, we’ve had much more talent join our team: we now have directors, storyboard artists, writers, concept artists, audio mixers, and more, which is why this Windranger film is a much more polished piece.
We are all avid Dota 2 fans, and we look forward to putting out more animated features. We hope you guys like this, and thank you for your support!
Story Outline
A variety of gifted individuals, from many different worlds and dimensions, all converge in one land – the land of Dota.
The land of Dota is famed for its sacred tower, carved with the names of many great heroes.
Here, they must complete quests bestowed to them by heroes who have already proven themselves worthy: they must participate in combat, gain experience, form bonds, and transform themselves into true heroes, so that they may carve their own name upon the Tower of Heroes!



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