DmC: Devil May Cry All Cutscenes (Complete Edition) Game Movie 1080p

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Hey Playgrounders! DmC is the Devil May Cry reboot that controversially changed the look of Dante. People who didn’t give this game a chance because they changed Dante’s look really missed out. The gameplay is fun and addicting like it’s always been, and the story is the best executed in the series. Our “Complete Edition” includes the story based DLC “Vergil’s Downfall.” We promise that you will thoroughly enjoy this game movie. Make sure you like, comment and share!

Gameplay by javihavy
Edited by javihavy

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22 thoughts on “DmC: Devil May Cry All Cutscenes (Complete Edition) Game Movie 1080p

  1. I loved this game but the combat was clearly designed for noobs and shitty players. The combat in this game had no depth and was too simplistic. Vergil fight was a joke and none of the enemies were challenging.

  2. I went to gamestop and bought this game thinking it was the first in the series and I loved it man I just completed it and went to go look for a second game in the series and turns out this isn’t the first one and that there’s not a second DmC which is a bummer cause I found this game incredibly fun

  3. This could perfectly work as anything else than a Devil May Cry game. The characters felt real and VERY flawed; but they did not feel any DMC whatsoever. The mechanics are top notch, but is the only part that legitimately feels 'Devil May Cry'. If the story was made with a different title and character 'names' with everything else remaining same, it would be a blow everyone would love to watch and play. In this state, it's only fun to play without thinking it is DMC.

  4. If they change a bit of the story this may as well as be canon. Shows how Dante and Vergil knew if the other still lived, shows one obsession for power and the other's rejection of their heritage due to seeing his brother consumed by it obsession.

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