Devil May Cry 5 – Official Game Awards 2018 Trailer

Take a look at the official Devil May Cry 5 shown during The Game Awards 2018.


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50 thoughts on “Devil May Cry 5 – Official Game Awards 2018 Trailer

  1. Am I the only one who still is confused where did Dante come from on that part in 2:57 cause thats the first mission where you play as Nero.

  2. 2:31 love the way v said “ a powerful demon is about to resurrect and, we need you’re help Dante.” So cool and hot I love dmc Nero and v are my favorite characters

  3. I am impressed with this game more then i thought id be so thats a good thing it came out on my Birthday and as one with God and The Devil I have the Only Limited Edition copy.

  4. who else is here after beating the hell out of the game on all of its difficulties and still want more 😁😁😁

  5. Yo….i just had a crazy idea. If they ever made a movie of this game I thought of the perfect two people to play the demon brothers dante and Vergil. Hear me out on these candidates. How about the guys of the sweet life of zack and cody?

  6. I personally find it annoying that game companies keep recycling old franchises over and over again. Apart from the obvious it also makes games really hard to get into. Not everyone has played previous games and not everyone has time to play 20 years worth of previous installments. Which makes this game inaccessible to me. Metal Gear is even worse in that regard, you really need to spend like a year to catch up there.
    Well, at least From Software understands it, so Sekiro it is for me then.

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