Biktarvy Review vs. Genvoya | HIV Medication

After 5 months of taking Biktarvy (HIV medication) it’s time for a review! Also, might as well give my review of Genvoya (the previous medication) and compare the two.

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46 thoughts on “Biktarvy Review vs. Genvoya | HIV Medication

  1. I was on Stribild for the last year. Because my insurance changed, the new insurance no longer covered it. So my doctor immediately suggested Biktarvy because it was more potent than Stribild. Also for those needing assistance in paying for the drugs, because they re very very expensive, you guys might want to check Gilead’s Advance Access Programs. Even with my insurance, my co-pay would still be around $600+. But with the co-pay program, I pay $0 every month. I used this program for Stribild and just used it for the first time on Biktarvy. I hope this info helps.

  2. Been pos/undetectable for eight years now. My doctors started me on Stribild, and switch me to Genvoya two years ago. Every six months I have lab tests alone with a follow up on my CD4 count. During the years I've skipped doses and usually take my meds without food. I don't workout, I rarely eat healthy, but do take multivitamins most times and drink LOTS of herbal tea. My doctors tell me I'm healthy. I'm mostly concern about the cost of the meds, stribild's cost est. is about $1,800 per bottle/30 pills, and the meds (Genvoya) I'm currently taking is est. at roughly $2,200 per… My health insurance covers about 99% of the cost, and co-pay assist card covers the co-pay. Why are my meds so expensive? I'm curious about the cost, and curious about the key ingredients. Is there a cure for HIV? Will there ever be a cure? How did HIV come about? I'm curious about Charlie Sheen who isn't on therapy drug. It's rumor that HIV meds are cancer drugs.

  3. i’m on my first week. no issues that i know of. possibly a tiny bit of dizziness. also i was lucky enough to get treatment quick. i contracted HiV in June. Confirmed September.

  4. Hey Raif! Thanks so much for the heads up about Biktarvy. I was tired of my regimen which included one truvada and two massive etravirine pills ( which I diddnt realise you could dissolve) which were a bummer to take. Biktarvy is now available here in the UK for free through the NHS, but you do have to fit a certain criteria to qualify . It’s certainly made taking meds a lot less daunting, so thanks again for your brave and brilliant coverage of HIV!

  5. Just got got Tested Positive 3 days ago… Biktarvy has been working so fast! I got told in 2 weeks i should be undetected….🥴

  6. This is a Pill for a Queer or a Butt Pluger It’s a drug to Protect Faggot’s for just a little while. Just a matter of time.. keep taking it . Queer Candy…

  7. I’m proud to have genvoya and it works for me. Thank for giving me my second life. Add me we can talk about our journey in curing hiv.

  8. Awesome info … thank you man i been learning so much … hopefully starting my meds soon and be back on track to healthy immune system

  9. thank you for share your experience, its my first month on medication, I got scare with my diagnostic, now I starting with Biktarvy, I hope everything gonna be ok. Love ur video, im from Mexico

  10. im taking my last 20 days of the genvoya and gonna be starting biktarvy next batch of pills they just arrived and just waiting to start them been undetectable for 2 years now

  11. Today my doctor gave me Biktarvy, I still have my past pills (efavirenz and kivexa) I'm doing great with those 2, but if Biktarvy has less side efects i'll take my doctor's recomendation

  12. My doc just suggested Biktarvy at my follow-up appointment this morning. Switching over from Genvoya after about four years on it (Atripla prior to that). Atripla royally screwed with my cholesterol! After switching to Genvoya those numbers were greatly reduced. I’m happy to be switching to something much cleaner. This video is extremely helpful! Thanks for the info!

  13. Raif…..I was wondering if you ever want to take a break from medication? I haven’t had any side effects or any health problems at all. I just ran my 9th marathon and am pretty healthy. Partly it is because I don’t want any chronic liver or kidney diseases later, but mostly it’s just psychological and it makes me feel withdrawn.

  14. So do you need to take the meds at the exact same time everyday or can the time fluctuate. Like if you usually take it at 10pm can you take it at 8pm, or like 12am?

  15. I just want to add that you can take Biktarvy with or without food versus Genvoya, it must be taken with food to avoid stomach problems. Great video and good information. Thank you.

  16. Nah- if u have HIV then it’s your turn. Your a nasty ass and your dead- good bye 👋 don’t come around me or my family

  17. I was just prescribed Biktarvy today, took my first pill at 12:30, the doctor says within the next 2-3 weeks I should become undetectable!! I'm SOOO happy about that!!

  18. There is no medication on earth without side effects. They are all poison. The only advantage must be pill size. Any follow-up ?

  19. Hey there. First of all thank you for such information. I saw your biceps, do you use any steroids ? I want to take something to get more fit,but afraid it will have negative effect on bektarv. Thank you

  20. I’ve been using Atripla for 13 years and I’m getting ready to switch to Biktarvy. My specialist is at UCLA, and insists Biktarvy is cutting edge. I’m a little skeptical because Atripla has always worked for me. I’m worried if I switch and the Biktarvy doesn’t work as expected, I’ll no longer be undetectable. I’ll be anxious to hear about your labs to know if it’s effective for you. Thanks for the video 🙂

  21. I've switched onto Biktarvy Feb this year and same, no side effects, quite happy. :3 I'm curious tho have you noticed changes/trends on you cd4 count and cd4/cd8 ratio over 1 year or 5 years and does traininh hard affect them? For instance within 9 months my cd4 went from 962 to 1600 and cd4/cd8 fron 0.5 to 1.2
    Yet I had somewhat severe IRIS :/

  22. thank you ! for posting this … I been on atripla for a long time and it causes kidney and bone loss so for a fact . this vid has made me want to take biktary which I been hesitant because of my past when I first started meds and also because. I am doing great also. thank you! again Raif

  23. I’m on biktarvy and I had some side effects but now thinking about it It seems like it was the iris that you mentioned. I seem to be okay now and have not noticed any huge side effects other than sometimes I Will get bloated and gasey after I eat.

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