Benefits Of Vitamin E Capsules | Malayalam


Benefits of vitamin e Malayalam video. Hair Growth. beard Growth. Skin Smooth.


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24 thoughts on “Benefits Of Vitamin E Capsules | Malayalam

  1. Replay vannam bro epol 1 week aye hair ril pedequmbol mude puzhuthu kayel varunnu apol ethu headel thaqunathil kuzhappam undo

  2. Bro i am on 44 th day of using minoxidil, after started using minoxidil till now I don't shave my beard. When will i have to shave. Reply bro

  3. Satyam gene have important role on hair growth rather than any oil can grow facial hair it only moisturizes skin for a healthier surface….hair grow from inside of skin .the growth is depending on how folicle at facial area are respond to dht .some people have no dht sensitivity at beard area and other have ..its only genetics paly behind

  4. Nishad.. Vedio.. Kandu… Oru doubt.. oil illathe..capsule thanich use cheyyamo……anenkil..mudikk ullu koodan ethu nallathano.?

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