Automatic Melon & Pumpkin Farm for Minecraft: Easy Minecraft Melon & Pumpkin Farm Minecraft 1.14+

I show you how to make an automatic Melon and Pumpkin farm in Minecraft with very few resources that is totally expandable to be as big as you want!

In today’s Episode from my Minecraft Tutorial series I am showing you an Automatic Melon and Pumpkin farm that is SO EASY to make with very few resources.

An Easy to Follow Minecraft Farm

Make sure you have enough Melon slices and Pumpkins to trade with your farmer villagers to get LOADS of emeralds, that you can then get enchanted books, weapons and Armour for!
So its kind of like an emerald farm!!

This Automatic Melon Farm and Automatic Pumpkin farm works while you are just nearby. If the chunk is loaded – it is working. This means you can build, mine, explore or just use your AFK fish farm while it produces lots of Minecraft Melons and Minecraft Pumpkins for you to use as trades with Villagers, to Eat or make Jack o Lanterns with!


Really simple redstone makes this build redstone active, but it is REALLY easy – almost no redstone!


This farm is really cheap to make, its a great Starter farm for Minecraft


Made in Java Edition Minecraft 1.14.4


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I am going to answer the following questions in this Minecraft Tutorial:

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22 thoughts on “Automatic Melon & Pumpkin Farm for Minecraft: Easy Minecraft Melon & Pumpkin Farm Minecraft 1.14+

  1. Hey so I made this, it works perfectly fine, but I wanted to expand a few more floors but anything past the second floor would stop working (3rd and up) and I'm following the exact same thing as the second floor, do you happen to know why? :/ Or maybe I am just doing it wrong.

  2. Would have liked to have seen a third layer as the second appeared to be different to the first. Third on the second may be different. Just now learning redstone.

  3. This gives melon SLICES !!! Please change your title, and PLEASE show the results at the beginning, so as not to waste time watching all the way through or building to discover it's no use !

    I like your videos/style, but to trade with villagers we need whole melons !

  4. I think ive used almost all of your tutorial farms in my Minecraft PE Survival world lol. Changed my life man. Great content and a new sub for you.

  5. Funny how life works. Yesterday I was playing my game (solo) and wishing I had a melon and pumpkin farm. I've built ones with tracks under the build to collect the fruit. This is a much easier build for sure.
    I'm going to get one rocking next time I sign in. Thanks for the great explanation of it's workings.

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