Are they Worth the DIvine Dew? Weapon Refinery Review and Build Ideas | Fire Emblem Heroes

Hey, here’s my review on the new weapon refines (Hana, Peri, Cain, and Abel).
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00:21 – Hana
02:37 – Peri
03:51 – Abel and Cain
05:39 – Final Thoughts

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25 thoughts on “Are they Worth the DIvine Dew? Weapon Refinery Review and Build Ideas | Fire Emblem Heroes

  1. I +10’d cain the second his refine came out, rash af.
    So, i made a meme team with him just so I can send people ridiculous replays.
    And it turned out to be my best offensive team.

    L Ephraim (galeforce ofc)
    Cain WOM
    3 escape route dancers
    the thing is, the dancers have all their skills at lv 1, so a single trap gets all of them in range to tp.

    This is probably one of the best anti-meta teams, since they’re usually squishy af, and hurled up into a corner.
    The dancers can bodyblock a ranged unit too, so you can style on them hard

  2. Do you think that units like Canas or Xander will ever get a weapon refine? They’re both completely outclassed by other units and desperately need a boost, imo.

  3. Been running Peri with Firesweep since year 1, but her lance is pretty awesome.

    Ran into your defense team the other day.

  4. Decided to invest in Peri. Don't have the resources for a Galeforce build but I managed to make her strong with a Brazen and Dual ploys. I have a fair amount of Blue Cavs but I'm sure I'll find something for her
    *A wild LVL 40 conversation appears*
    "I cook because my mommy was a good cook. That way, it's like she's with me."

    You are my first port of call from now on, Peri.

  5. Really do like these refines, especially Peri's. Luckily for me, I'm not invested in any of the characters, so I can keep saving up my dew. Wake me up when we get a Stahl refine so my investment in Steady Stance 4 is better wasted. 😛

  6. Cain and Abel's refines are great, I don't know how to feel about Peri's though. I don't see Peri enough to know how much this refine will really affect her in any meaningful way.

    However… Hana. Finally. Been using her since day one (That I started playing, I think I started a little bit after the first summer banner) and she has served me incredibly well since. I run the standard quad build with Brave Sword+ and Desperation but this refine really is making me want to change that up. I don't have any good fodder currently so I'll have to wait to fully optimize the build, but when I get some, I'm going to have a field day.

  7. I'm happy that IS is showing some love on Shadow Dragons. I'm still waiting on adding some of the New Mystery like Kris, Ryan, and Cecil (so that I can build the 7th Platoon).

  8. I invested in a +10 Peri and she actually does pretty well with Berkuts lance, it made her into a res monster, but I dont know it I should get rid of that for Peri's lance.

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