Americans & Malaysians Swap Snacks

“Snack swaps destroyed the one time I loved.”


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47 thoughts on “Americans & Malaysians Swap Snacks

  1. now that you've tried our brother's snack, try Indonesian snacks!! btw I love Mamee noodles but more expensive in Indo than Malaysia. so when I went there I bought like 3 packs, not 3 individual pieces, packs XD

  2. Malaysians: Hey my country got mention!
    Buzzfeed: swapping foods
    Goldfish producer: Now I can save money on ads
    Zack: Does it scratch at level 6 and deeper groves at level 7?

  3. I reamember when i was tahun 1 and 2…My friend would go out the school when lunch time(we were not suposed to go out of the school since we were still young)…And my friend would go to the mak cik who jual all the goodies and buy the bubble gum with the tattoo inside and put on her leg so that teacher cannot see the tattoo😂😂😂

  4. The Malaysian snacks are CLASSIC!! 😂😂 all Malaysian kids eat those like literally every each of us 😂😂 thanks buzzfeed 🌹

  5. Trust meh if you make more Malaysian videos you'll get more attention from the whole nation on YouTube 😂😂 Malaysians like it when some channel on YouTube include them especially from a very POPULAR channel. 💁🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️

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