Amazon Japan Tool Haul 2

Latest two Amazon Japan orders. Tools and fun.


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11 thoughts on “Amazon Japan Tool Haul 2

  1. Bahco is Swedish. A lot of adjustable wrenches are made in Spain, though. Apparently Spaniards are very good at making them

  2. Bahco is owned by snap on. Snap on adjustable wrenches and the pwz pipe wrenches and files are a few of the products that bahco makes for them.

  3. Another great video! I learned about a couple of tools that I will add to my collection in the near future. As Chris already mentioned, you should look at TOP or Lobster if you want a Japanese equivalent to Bahco. The Bahco you have looks very similar to the TOP HT-200S, and that TOP has a cool feature that practically eliminates play in the jaws. I have the HT-200B, which has a slight angle. TOP's Hyper Monkey Zero series also has an anti-backlash mechanism. I love my HM-32.

  4. Those magnetic cup trays have been available from other brands for several years now, but Hazet was probably the first to brand them with their name and colour on it.

  5. You ought to look at Lobster and TOP adjustable wrenches. They have been one of the oldest makers of adjustable wrenches in Japan. Some decades ago, TOP actually helped Klein USA setup their adjustable wrench production.

    Sucks to hear about the vessel de-burring bit not working.

    Thanks for showing off your tool haul!

  6. Quote from Vessel that may help to explain why the JIS logo is not used. ( I assume it has been translated) = As you might know, we are the oldest manufacturer for screwdrivers in Japan and made a contribution to set a JIS standard.

    We do follow JIS standard for Phillips. Because technology to make screwdrivers in Japan became above a certain level already, JIS recognition system for screwdrivers is extinct in 2008.

    So there is no authorized JIS manufacturer now and we cannot print "JIS" mark on the screwdrivers.

  7. Hey bzeug, I 've be collecting parts to build a farm rover. Your electric wheelchair bots got me going in a different direction, thanks. Do you sell tools on eBay or somewhere? I'm putting together some budget hand tools for me daughter and son's toolbox. Thanks!

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