5 Video Game Items That Will Make You Rich In Real Life

5 Video Game Items That Will Make You Rich In Real Life. Real money trading for digital items is a real thing. And really scary sometimes.
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50 thoughts on “5 Video Game Items That Will Make You Rich In Real Life

  1. And I'm here looking at csgo noobs claiming Dragon Lore to be the most expensive item in csgo. You clearly don't have a knife.

  2. How about my 10,000+ iBUYPOWER holo katowice 2014 sticker for counter strike, but thats just a single sticker.

  3. I heard there was a Karambit blackpearl Stat track fac new and therenwas only one of those in the world, IDK if more fac new stattrack blackpearls

  4. The Runescape Party Hat OMG that is expensive and utterly pointless. Luckily it was a friend how bought it and not me because he paid the guy $1500, i have no words.

  5. No golden frying pan OR saxxy? Saxxy takes high level skill while golden frying pan requires you to do something that I don't know

  6. I could have bought so many games and a brand new PC If I got half the cash this guys made for in game items

  7. CS:GO not being on this list is retarded. Rare knives can go for tens of thousands of dollars, and it happens all the time lol. The most expensive ones sell to Dubai collectors for upwards of 100k.

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