14 NEW Korean Builds You MUST TRY in Patch 9.24 – League of Legends Season 10

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Patch 9.24 came with NEW op Korean builds for champs like Diana, Aphelios, Nocturne, Caitlyn, Olaf, Viktor, and many more.

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33 thoughts on “14 NEW Korean Builds You MUST TRY in Patch 9.24 – League of Legends Season 10

  1. Hey guys, small error on the 4 crit cloak build. You're only supposed to build 3 after stormrazor instead of 4 like it shows on the build. Just gotta listen to the VO instead of looking at the graphic.

  2. I don't really understand the reason behind Hail of Blades for Poppy. Normally people run Hail of Blades for champions that have on hit effects or something but Poppy doesn't have that.
    Is it just to stack Black Cleaver quicker? Any explanation would be appreciated.

  3. For an unknown build: pyke mid dusk first then trinity and then full tank items u don't die still execute at 700 and adc's can't do anything if u have 250 armor

  4. An unexpected switch with a Yi, caused me to go Support with Evelynn.
    GlacialAugment, Boots, Biscuits, Insight, CheapShot, UltimateHunter.
    Ended up with Kaisa aginst a Tristana & Brand.
    Was called out being OP, and did more damage than either TopLaners or Junglers ^^,

  5. ap/slow mf supp and full arm pen varus mid, are pwetty fun
    specially if opp doesnt know how to deal with them

  6. Grasp of the Undying or Glacial Augment Teemo. GA Teemo makes people's lives a misery and Grasp Teemo is hilarious because no one can kill you 1v1

  7. Why you never show op builds from the other servers as well? Of course Korea is good but man I can tell you only eat the mangoes

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